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Benjamin L. Prosser, Ph.D

Benjamin L. Prosser, Ph.D

faculty photo
Assistant Professor of Physiology
Department: Physiology

Contact information
Clinical Research Building Rm 726
415 Curie Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-746-1488
BS (Health and Exercise Science)
Wake Forest University, 2005.
Ph.D (Molecular Medicine)
University of Maryland School of Medicine, 2009.
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Description of Research Expertise

cardiac electrophysiology
excitation-contraction coupling
calcium signaling
redox signaling

Selected Publications

Saritu Limbu, Tuan M Honag-Trong, Benjamin L Prosser, W Jonathan Lederer, and M Saleet Jafri: Modeling Local X-ROS and Calcium Signaling in the Heart. Biophysical Journal 109(10): 2037-2050, November 2015.

Jaclyn P. Kerr, Patrick Robison, Guoli Shi, Alexey I. Bogush, Stuart S. Martin, Roberto Ratieri, Benjamin L. Prosser, Christopher W. Ward: Detyrosinated microtubules modulate mechanotransduction in heart and skeletal muscle Nature Communications 10.1038/NCOMMS9526, October 2015 Notes: Prosser is co-senior/corresponding author.

Zhang Min, Prosser Benjamin L, Bamboye Moradeke A, Gondim Antonio N S, Santos Celio X, Martin Daniel, Ghigo Alessandra, Perino Alessia, Brewer Alison C, Ward Christopher W, Hirsch Emilio, Lederer W Jonathan, Shah Ajay M: Contractile Function During Angiotensin-II Activation: Increased Nox2 Activity Modulates Cardiac Calcium Handling via Phospholamban Phosphorylation. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 66(3): 261-72, Jul 2015 Notes: M.Z. and B.L.P. contributed equally to this manuscript.

Michael J. Previs, Benjamin L Prosser, Ji Young Mun, W.J. Lederer, David M. Warshaw: Myosin-Binding Protein C corrects an intrinsic non-uniformity in cardiac excitation-contraction coupling. Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting February 2015.

Jaclyn P Kerr, Benjamin L Prosser, Guoli Shi, Patrick Robison, Aaron M Kempema, Joseph K Hexum, Daniel A Harki, Stuart S Martin, Roberto Raiteri, Christopher W. Ward: Post-translational modification of tubulin amplifies X-ROS signaling in striated muscle. Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting February 2015.

Patrick G. Robison, Jaclyn P Kerr, Alexey I Bogush, Daniel A Harki, Christopher W. Ward, Benjamin L. Prosser: Microtubule detyrosination modulates stretch-dependent X-ROS signaling in heart. Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting February 2015.

Michael J. Previs*, Benjamin L. Prosser*, Ji Young Mun*, Samantha Beck Previs, James Gulick, Kyounghwan Lee, Jeffrey Robbins, Roger Craig, W.J. Lederer, David M. Warshaw: Myosin-binding protein C corrects an intrinsic inhomogeneity in cardiac excitation-contraction coupling. Science Advances 1(1), February 2015 Notes: *these authors contributed equally to this manuscript.

Benjamin Prosser; invited speaker: Webinar: First impressions with Airyscan: New insights into cytoskeletal biology. Webinar hosted by Carl Zeiss 2015.

Benjamin L. Prosser, Michiel Helmes: Webinar - "Measuring Force in single heart cells”, presented by Inside Scientific. Inside Scientific September 2014.

Ward Christopher W, Prosser Benjamin L, Lederer W Jonathan: Mechanical stretch induced activation of ROS/RNS signaling in striated muscle. Antioxidants & redox signaling Jan 2014.

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