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John T. Seykora, M.D., Ph.D

John T. Seykora, M.D., Ph.D

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Associate Professor of Dermatology
Department: Dermatology
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
Room 1011 BRB II/III
421 Curie Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2158980170
Fax: 2155732143
M.S. (Biochemistry)
University of Chicago, 1986.
B.A. (Biology with Honors)
University of Chicago, 1986.
Ph.D. (Cell Biology)
Rockefeller University, 1992.
M.D. (Medicine)
Cornell University Medical College, 1993.
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Description of Research Expertise

1. Keratinocyte growth and differentiation-mechanisms of growth control
2. Skin cancer-squamous cell carcinoma
3. Signal transduction-tyrosine kinases and adaptor molecules
4. Murine models of human diseases.
5. Use of organotypic cultures to model disease.
6. Effects of UVB on keratinocytes
7. Psoriasis
8. Dermatopathology-alopecia, appendageal tumors, cancer.

Description of Clinical Expertise

1. Alopecias-including analysis via horizontal sections
2. Appendageal neoplasms
3. Melanocytic lesions
4. Molecular analysis of biopsy tissue

Selected Publications

Sharov, A., Mardaryev, A., Sharova, T., Grachtchouk, M., Atoyan, R., Byers, H., Seykora, J., Overbeek, P., Dlugosz, A., and Botchkarev, V.: "BMP antagonist Noggin promotes skin tumorigenesis via stimulation of the Wnt and Shh signaling pathways". American Journal of Pathology 2009 Notes: in press.

Rubin, A., Yassaee, M., Johnson, W., Elenitsas, R., Zaladonis, J., and Seykora, J.: "Multiple Cutaneous Sclerosing Perineuriomas: A Dramatic Presentation With Extensive Involvement Of the Bilateral upper Extremities." J. Cutan. Path. 2009 Notes: in press.

Meulner, M., Ayli, E., Elenitsas, R., and Seykora, J. : Decreased Srcasm expression in hyperproliferative cutaneous lesions. J. Cutan. Path. 36: 291-295, 2009.

Harris, J.E., Seykora, J.T., and Lee, R.A.: "Renbok Phenomenon and Contact Sensitization in a Patient with Alopecia Universalis." Archives of Dermatoogy 2009 Notes: in press.

Zhao, L., Li, W., Marshall, C., Griffin, T., Hanson, M., Hick, R., Dentchev, T., Williams, E., Werth, A., Miller, C., Bashir, H., Pear, W., and Seykora, J.T.: "Srcasm inhibits Fyn-induced cutaneous carcinogenesis with modulation of Notch 1 adn p53." Cancer Research 2009 Notes: in press.

Ayli, E., Dugas-Breit, S., Li, W., Meulner, M., Marshall, C., Griffin, T., Gelfand, J., and Seykora, J. : Curcuminoids promote the UVB-adaptive response in keratinocytes suggesting utility in treating actinic keratoses. Clinical Cancer Research October 2008 Notes: Submitted.

Lin, J.H., Kim, E.J., Bansal, A., Seykora, J., Richardson, S.K., Cha, X.Y., Zafar, S., Nasta, S., Wysocka, M., Benoit, B., Rook, A.H., Fakharzadeh, S.S.: "Clinical and in vitro resistance to bexarotene in adult T-cell leukemia: loss of RXR-alpha receptor". Blood 112: 2484-2488, 2008.

Kurd, SK, Smith, N, VanVoorhees, A, Troxel, AB, Badmaev, V, Seykora, JT, and Gelfand, JM. : Oral curcumin in the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis vulgaris: a prospective clinical trial. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology(58), 625-31, 2008.

Ayli, E., Li, W., Brown, T., Elenitsas, R., Seykora, J.: Activation of Src-family tyrosine kinases in epidermal hyperproliferative disorders. J. Cutan. Path. 35(273-7), 2008.

Ayli, E., Li, W., Brown, T., Elenitsas, R., Seykora, J. : "Activation of Src-family tyrosine kinases in epidermal hyperproliferative disorders". J. Cutan. Path. 35: 273-277, 2008.

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