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The Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty

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A Message From the President

Peter H. Bloch, PhD
ASEF-PSOM President, 2017-18

The Academic Senior and Emeritus Faculty of the Perlman School of Medicine [ASEF-PSOM] welcome the newly retired and senior faculty members.   The association was founded in 2004 to provide a venue for retired and emeritus faculty to stay connected with the PENN Community.  ASEF-PSOM sponsors events during the academic year to encourage and promote fellowship among colleagues.  Informal luncheon seminars and special lectures are organized to provide a venue for expanding one’s range of interest, activities and knowledge. ASEF in conjunction with the Penn Academic and Senior and Emeritus Faculty [PASEF] organize programs to provide information about retirement options and transitioning to emeritus status.   

Who We Are

The Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty of the Perelman School of Medicine (ASEF-PSOM) serves to enhance the careers of the emeritus faculty by encouraging them to remain a part of the community of scholars in the School of Medicine. The Association also serves to support the senior faculty by raising awareness of the full range of retirement options available to them, whether they are planning to retire within two years or two decades. 

Upcoming Programs


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