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The Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty of the Perelman School of Medicine (ASEF-PSOM) serves to enhance the careers of the emeritus faculty by encouraging them to remain a part of the community of scholars in the School of Medicine. The Association also serves to support the senior faculty by raising awareness of the full range of retirement options available to them, whether they are planning to retire within two years or two decades.

2014-15 Letter from the President

Hello from your new ASEF President

Nicholas K. Gonatas, M.D., Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

We have just learned of the death of Dr. Nicholas K. Gonatas, world class neuropathologist, founder of the Division of Neuropathology at Penn and outstanding teacher and mentor to scores of pathology fellows, residents, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. He will be remembered for establishing a distinguished national and international neuropathology training program and building a strong experimental faculty in the Division. He trained more than 30 Neuropathology Fellows; many of them continue in his mold, as physician-scientists combining basic or translational science with clinical neuropathology.

Dr. Nicholas Gonatas is survived by Jackie, his loving wife and lifelong scientific collaborator, their children Marina and Dinos and their familes. A memorial will be planned by the Department.

Please take a moment to read Dr. Gonatas' obituary in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Camillus L. Witzleben, M.D., Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Camillus Leo "Cam" Witzleben, professor emeritus in the Perelman School of Medicine since 1996, passed away October 1. He was born in North Dakota, a graduate of Notre Dame - an enthusiastic supporter of the football team - and earned his MD from St. Louis University. Dr. Witzleben was appointed to Penn's faculty in 1973 as professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and held a secondary appointment in Pediatrics. For 25 years he was Chief of Pathology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and also served as president of the Pediatric Pathology Society. Dr. Witzleben is survived by his wife Donna, six daughters, eight grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Please also see: http://www.upenn.edu/almanac/volumes/v61/n10/obit.html#witzleben, and http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/delcotimes/obituary.aspx?pid=172648800.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dr. Brendan O'Leary will present "The state of Kurdistan and the State of Kurdistan," an up-to-date review of the politics of contemporary Iraq, and US foreign policy, centered on the Kurdistan region, which has recently come under attack from the Islamic State.

O'Leary is the Lauder Professor of Political Science at Penn. He was born in Ireland, raised in Nigeria, the Sudan, and Northern Ireland, and educated at Oxford and the London School of Economics. In 2014, he received the inaugural Juan Linz Prize of the International Political Science Association in recognition of his scholarship on decentralization, multinational and ethnic conflict, and federalism.

He was appointed constitutional advisor to the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq from 2003-2009. From 2009-2010 he served as Senior Advisor on Power Sharing to the United Nations. His ideas contributed to the Good Friday Accords, which ended the sectarian violence in North Ireland.

O'Leary has published three books especially relevant to his November 13 talk: The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq (2005), Terror, Insurgency, and the State: Ending Protracted Conflicts (2007), and How to Get Out of Iraq with Integrity (2009).

The luncheon will begin at 12 PM at the University Club. Cost and University Club details.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Larry J. Kricka: Making Medical Testing more Accessible and more Affordable

Today there are many types of tests and testing that can be performed away from the confines of a hospital. P4 Medicine (Personalized, Predictive, Preventive, and Participatory) is designed to slash the costs of laboratory testing (for example, through the use of Wellness Centers). This modern option may curb the spiraling costs of healthcare. As consumers we have access to many locations that provide direct testing, such as pharmacies and retail health clinics. Also available in our technological age is the capacity for Direct to Consumer testing and collection kits via the Internet. New routes for obtaining testing devices such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and glucose meters are also increasing. Finally, due to the explosion of medical apps on phones and tablets, self-testing and monitoring devices are quickly creating unprecedented possibilities in medicine.

Dr. Larry J. Kricka is Director of the General Chemistry and the Critical Care Laboratories, and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. His current research focuses on point-of-care and direct to consumer testing.

The luncheon will begin at 12 PM at the University Club. Cost and University Club details.

New Summary of Information on Retirement Communities

Howard Goldfine, Jim Saunders and Heidi George have recently assembled a set of tables providing important information for those considering the move to a retirement community. You can find this information by clicking on the Retirement Communities link under Spotlights in the right column of this web page or simply clicking here.

Medical Faculty Senate Presentation

On Wednesday, October 1st ASEF President Jeanne Myers delivered a presentation to the Medical Faculty Senate concerning ASEF's mission and current events. Here it is in case you missed it.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Faculty Retirement

We are proud to announce the release of the Seventh Edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to Faculty Retirement, ASEF's annually revised handbook highlighting the policy and process governing the transition from full-time faculty to emeritus.

Please refer to the official release notes for a review of the updates to this year's edition.

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