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Balice-Gordon Lab

Lab Description

We study the cellular and molecular interactions among neurons, their targets and the surrounding glia that underlie synapse formation and function during neural development. We use neuromuscular synapses between motor neurons and muscle fibers in mice and zebrafish, and CNS synapses among rat and mouse hippocampal neurons in vitro, as relatively simple, accessible and easily manipulated model systems. We use imaging, genetic, cellular, molecular and electrophysiological approaches in our research projects.

The goal of our work is to understand the rules by which the neural circuits that underlie particular behaviors become synaptically connected during neural development, what governs the plasticity of these circuits, what goes wrong with these circuits in neurodevelopmental and other neurological disorders, and how we might design and implement effective therapeutic strategies.


Lab Contact Info

Dr. Balice-Gordon is currently Vice-President and Head, Integrative Neuroscience and Circuitry, Neuroscience Research Unit, Pfizer, Inc., in Cambridge, MA.

The Balice-Gordon Lab is closing by the end of 2014. During this transition, please contact:

Marion Scott
Email: mos@mail.med.upenn.edu
(215) 898-3575


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