Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Business of Regenerative Medicine 2018

The Business of Regenerative Medicine Symposium Innovation, Clinical Translation & Entrepreneurship July 17-18, 2018

Registration: Opening April 1, 2018 | Venue: Perelman School of Medicine

The 11th annual Business of Regenerative Medicine: Innovation, Clinical Translation, and Entrepreneurship Symposium, a 2-day event with preceding evening reception and tour, will include lectures delivered by established entrepreneurs, industry and scientific leaders, panel discussions, networking events and more. It is attended by entrepreneurs, junior and senior scientists, business executives, investors and analysts, technology transfer and development personnel, managers in the government, non-profit and profit sectors.

The Symposium is hosted by the Center for Cellular Immunotherapies and the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in partnership with Case Western Reserve University, the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, the Parker H. Petit for Institute Bioengineering and Bioscience at Georgia Tech, and the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine.


  • The Stories of First In Class FDA Approved Gene Therapies Kymriah and Luxturna
  • Immune Cell Therapies: Where to Now?
  • Translating Regenerative Medicine
  • Regulatory and Ethical Foundation of Cellular and Tissue Based Therapies
  • Novel Applications of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and Placental Derived Stem Cells
  • The Intersection of Engineering and Biology in the Creation of Novel Therapies
  • Operation of an Academic Cell Manufacturing Facility and Tech Transfer to Industry
  • Role of Academic Industry Government Consortia and Professional Societies
  • Intellectual Property and Licensing
  • Entrepreneurial Science and Commercialization


                                       CONFIRMED SPEAKERS INCLUDE: 

Usman Azam (Tmunity Therapeutics)  Reni Benjamin (Raymond James Financial)  |  Tom Bollenbach (ARMI/BioFab USA)

Scott Bruder (Scott Bruder Consulting)  | David DiGiusto (Stanford) | Andrés J. García (Georgia Tech)

Saar Gill (University of Pennsylvania) Robert Hariri (Cellularity) Rachel Haurwitz (Caribou Biosciences) 

Kathy High (Spark Therapeutics) Dan Huh (University of Pennsylvania) | Jeff Karp (Harvard)

Jonathan Kimmelman (McGill University)  |  Aaron Levine (Georgia Tech)  | Bruce Levine (University of Pennsylvania)

Gerald Linette (University of Pennsylvania)  | Ainslie Little (BlueRock Therapeutics)  | Geoff Mackay (AvroBio)

Sarah Millar (University of Pennsylvania) | Faye Mourkioti (University of Pennsylvania)  | Jan Nolta (UC Davis) 

Dan Scolnick (Pepper Hamilton)  | Hongjun Song (University of Pennsylvania)  |  Michael West (AgeX Therapeutics and BioTime)



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Registration: Opening April 1, 2018    

Venue: Perelman School of Medicine