Department of Psychiatry

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Welcome to the CCAF!

The Center for Couples and Adult Families (CCAF) is the primary home of family oriented work within the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Pennsylvania. 

At CCAF, we recognize the importance of family relationships over the course of the life cycle.  Family members can affect each other in profound ways. These primary relationships can be a source of intense conflict as well as deep healing.

Families come in many different forms -- single parent, two parents of any gender, remarried families, families of three and four generations, and families of choice.  At CCAF, we welcome all families who see themselves as a connected group of people.

Few problems are solely individual or relational; the individual and the family affect each other, and together they compose the family system.  We see the family system as embedded in the larger contexts of extended family and culture.

Friendships and work relationships are also vital to an individual’s emotional health.  We recognize the importance of the wide web of relational experiences that impact well-being. 

 At CCAF, we treat individuals, couples, groups and families from this relational perspective.  In addition, we offer an online library of community resources, books and vital links to services for professionals and family members.  

When psychiatric illness strikes, couple or family therapy can often promote recovery and decrease family stress. We recognize the value of family education, and utilize the cutting-edge resources within the Department of Psychiatry at Penn to provide all aspects of care for families impacted by psychiatric illness.

Families can, and should be, one of our greatest sources of strength and comfort.