Department of Psychiatry

Penn Behavioral Health

Elizabeth Hembree, PhD

Elizabeth Hembree, PhD Director of Clinical Services
Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Elizabeth Hembree is an Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Hembree received her training in family therapy from the University of Delaware and in family guidance clinic and children's psychiatric hospital settings. More recently Dr. Hembree's clinical work and research efforts have been focused on the psychological impact of trauma, the treatment of people suffering trauma-related disorders, and the dissemination of cognitive behavioral treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. She was a faculty member and the Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychiatry's Center for the Treatment & Study of Anxiety from 1999-2009. In the fall of 2009, Dr. Hembree was appointed the Director of Clinical Services of the Center for Couples and Adult Families. This transition represents a shift back to her early career clinical focus on working with families and investigating emotional development and expression. While actively engaged in research and teaching, Dr. Hembree has maintained an active clinical practice and provides treatment to couples and families, and individuals, across the age span.

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