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Congratulations to Charles E. Leonard, PharmD, MSCE for receiving the Drug Therapy Research Award for his study entitled “Empiric Potassium Supplementation and Increased Survival in Users of Loop Diuretics”.

Congratulations to Brain L. Strom, MD, MPH for receiving the Oscar B. Hunter Career Award in Therapeutics from the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT)!

Congratulations to Vincent Lo Re, MD, MSCE for being elected to a 3-year term on the Board of Directors of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology!



  • R Mamtani, MD, MSCE; AS Clark; FI Scott; CM Brensinger; B Boursi; L Chen; F Xie; H Yun; MT Osterman, MD, MSCE; JR Curtis; and JD Lewis, MD, MSCE publish “Association between breast cancer recurrence with immunosuppression in rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease: A cohort study” in Arthritis & Rheumatology, Epub ahead of print May 2016.  Read full article.

  • RK Ross; JM Beus; TA Metjian; AR Localio, MPH, PhD; ED Shelov; BR Desai; SP O'Neill; TE Zaoutis, MD, MSCE; and JS Gerber, MD, MSCE, PhDpublish "Safety of Automatic End Dates for Antimicrobial Orders to Facilitate Stewardship" in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, Epub ahead of print 13 May 2016. Read full article.

  • PM Coplan, SC.D; HD Chilcoat; SF Butler; EM Sellers; A Kadakia; V Harikrishnan; JD Haddox; and RC Dart publish "The Effect of an Abuse-Deterrent Opioid Formulation on Opioid Abuse-Related Outcomes in the Post-Marketing Setting" in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Epub ahead of print 12 May 2016. Read full article.

  • Katherine E. Fleming-Dutra,MD; Adam L. Hersh, MD; PhD; Daniel J.Shapiro; Monina Bartoces, PhD; Eva A. Enns, PhD; Thomas M. File Jr, MD; Jonathan A. Finkelstein, MD, MPH; Jeffrey S. Gerber, MD, PhD; David Y. Hyun, MD; Jeffrey A. Linder, MD, MPH; Ruth Lynfield, MD; David J. Margolis, MD, PhD; Larissa S. May, MD, MSPH; Daniel Merenstein, MD; Joshua P. Metlay, MD, PhD; Jason G. Newland, MD, MEd; Jay F. Piccirillo, MD; Rebecca M. Roberts, MS; Guillermo V. Sanchez, MPH, PA-C; Katie J. Suda, PharmD, MS; Ann Thomas, MD, MPH; Teri Moser Woo, PhD; Rachel M. Zetts; and Lauri A. Hicks, DO publish “Prevalence of Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescriptions Among US Ambulatory Care Visits, 2010-2011” in JAMA, 2016;315(17):1864-1873. Read full article.

  • N Vendetti; JS Gerber, MD, PhD; JS Sammons; BT Fisher; TE Zaoutis, MD, MSCE; and SE Coffin publish "Administration of Palivizumab in the NICU" in Hospital Pediatrics, Epub ahead of print 10 May 2016. Read full article.

  • MA Raebel; S Shetterly; CY Lu; J Flory; JJ Gagne; FE Harrell; K Haynes; LJ Herrinton; E Patorno; J Popovic; M Selvan; A Shoaibi; X Wang; and J Roy, PhD publish "Methods for using clinical laboratory test results as baseline confounders in multi-site observational database studies when missing data are expected" in Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf, Epub ahead of print 4 May 2016. Read full article.

  • Jennifer J. Wilkes, MD MSCE; Sean Hennessy, PharmD, PhD; Rui Xiao, PhD; Susan Rheingold, MD; Alix E. Seif, MD MPH; Yuan-Shung Huang, MS; Neika Vendetti, MPH; Yimei Li, PhD; Rochelle Bagatell, MD; Richard Aplenc, MD PhD; and Brian T. Fisher, DO MSCE publish “Volume - Outcome Relationships in Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Association between Hospital Pediatric and Pediatric Oncology Volume with Mortality and Intensive Care Resources during Initial Therapy” in Clinical Lymphoma Myeloma and Leukemia, Epub ahead of print 4 May 2016.  Read full article.

  • R Mamtani, MD, MSCE; JD Lewis,MD, MSCE; FI Scott; T Ahmad; DS Goldberg, MD, MSCE; J Datta; YX Yang, MD, MSCE; and B Boursi publish "Disentangling the Association between Statins, Cholesterol, and Colorectal Cancer: A Nested Case-Control Study" in PLOS Medicine, Epub ahead of print 26 April 2016. Read full article.

  • Graham R. Foster; Carmine Coppola; Moutaz Derbala; Peter Ferenci; Alessandra Orlandini; K. Rajender Reddy; Ludovico Tallarico; Mitchell L. Shiffman; Silke Ahlers; Georgios Bakalos; Tarek Hassanein; and the GUARD-C Study Group publish “Impact of Safety-Related Dose Reductions or Discontinuations on Sustained Virologic Response in HCV-Infected Patients: Results from the GUARD-C Cohort” in PLOS One, Epub ahead of print 28 March 2016.  Read full article.

  • Vincent Lo Re III, MD, MSCE; Charitha Gowda, MD, MPH; Paul N. Urick, RPh; Joshua T. Halladay, BA; Amanda Binkley, PharmD, AAHIVP; Dena M. Carbonari, MS; Kathryn Battista, MS; Cassandra Peleckis, LPN; Jody Gilmore, CRNP; Jason A. Roy, PhD; Jalpa A. Doshi, PhD; Peter P. Reese, MD, MSCE; K. Rajender Reddy, MD; and Jay R. Kostman, MD publish “Disparities in Absolute Denial of Modern Hepatitis C Therapy by Type of Insurance” in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Epub ahead of print 5 April 2016. Read full article.

  • JS Gerber; M Bryan; RK Ross; C Daymont; EP Parks; AR Localio, JD, MA, MPH, MS, PhD; RW Grundmeier; VA Stallings; and TE Zaoutis, MD, MSCE publish "Antibiotic Exposure During the First 6 Months of Life and Weight Gain During Childhood" in JAMA, Epub ahead of print 22-29 March 2016. Read full article.

  • K Durrani; JH Kempen, MD, MPH, MHS, PhD; GS Ying; RO Kacmaz; P Artornsombudh; JT Rosenbaum; EB Suhler; JE Thorne; DA Jabs; GA Levy-Clarke; RB Nussenblatt; CS Foster; and the Site Research Group publish "Adalimumab for Ocular Inflammation" in Ocular Immunology and Inflammation, Epub ahead of print 22 March 2016. Read full article.

    What is Pharmacoepidemiology?

    Pharmacoepidemiology is the study of the health effects of drugs and other medical products in populations. It is the basic science underlying the public health practice of medical product safety surveillance. Pharmacoepidemiologists apply the research methods of epidemiology (e.g., randomized trials, cohort studies, case-control studies, self-controlled designs) to the study of pharmacology (e.g., determinants of beneficial and adverse drug effects, effects of genetic variation on drug effect, dose-response relationships, duration-response relationships, drug-drug interactions, effects of non-adherence). Pharmacoepidemiologists also evaluate programmatic efforts to improve medication use.

    CPeRT Mission

    The Center for Pharmacoepidemiology Research and Training (CPeRT) was founded in 2012 (although Penn faculty member have been conducting pharmacoepidemiology research since the early 1980s) and is based in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CCEB). Its mission is to:

    • Provide an intellectual home for pharmacoepidemiology at Penn
    • Promote the conduct of applied and methodologic pharmacoepidemiology research
    • Foster training of the next generation of pharmacoepidemiologists
    • Expand number of Penn faculty members performing pharmacoepidemiology research

    CPeRT members are leaders in the development and use of large administrative and medical record databases for studying drug effects. CPeRT is one of the academic partners of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-funded Mini-Sentinel Initiative. CPeRT members also edit Pharmacoepidemiology, 5th edition and Textbook of Pharmacoepidemiology.

    Training Programs

    Pilot Grant Program

    Open Faculty Positions

    View a listing of open faculty positions in Biostatistics and Epidemiology.



    Standing or Associated Penn faculty engaged in pharmacoepidemiologic research

    Associate Investigators

    Research staff who work with Penn faculty and who are engaged in pharmacoepidemiologic research

    Adjunct Investigators

    CCEB Adjunct Scholars engaged in pharmacoepidemiologic research

    For information on obtaining an Adjunct Scholar appointment within the CCEB, please contact Sue White, Manager of Faculty Affairs (; 215-573-3874).


    Trainees in Penn research training programs (including postdoctoral fellowships), instructors, and research associates, engaged in pharmacoepidemiologic research
    • Emily Acton
    • Matthew Basiaga, MD
    • Zelma Chiesa, MD
    • Jordy Cohen, MD
    • James Crispo
    • Amanda DiNofia, MD
    • Darcy Ellis
    • Ashkan Ertefaie, MD
    • Michael George, PhD
    • Erwin Calgua Guerra, MD
    • Rana Hamdy, MD
    • Ali Hamedani, MD
    • Eileen (Xu) Han, PhD, MS
    • Karen James, MD
    • Xinyao Ji
    • Todd A. Miano, PharmD
    • Young Hee Nam, PhD
    • Nathan Parker, MD
    • M. Elle Saine, MA
    • Junko Takeshita, MD, PhD
    • Sony Tuteja-Stevens, PharmD, MS
    • Jennifer Wilkes
    • Meijia Zhou

    For infomation on joining CPeRT, please contact Sean Hennessy, PharmD, PhD, CPeRT Director (; 215-898-9112).