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The CCEB/DBE has a large, diverse, and active research program underway, funded by numerous grants and contracts. CCEB/DBE faculty are engaged in hundreds of different active clinical research projects, both hospital-based and community-based, including studies of diagnosis, the economic impact of the medical interventions used to manage disease, as well as the etiology, frequency, prognosis, and treatment of disease. The CCEB, DBE, and affiliated faculty are engaged in multiple active clinical research projects, many of which are conducted by a core group of faculty, focus on content-specific areas of interest, and include relevant methodologic work

The CCEB's research objectives are:

  • to promote clinical epidemiology and biostatistics research, both in the community and health care settings;
  • to serve as an interdisciplinary resource for clinical research throughout the Medical Center;
  • to promote a population and community perspective in the Medical Center;
  • to serve as a leader in disseminating research results and in interpreting research to policy-makers and the public; and
  • to serve as a regional, national, and international resource for communities, universities, governments, and other organizations seeking guidance about issues of population medicine, public health, and the epidemiology of disease.

The DBE's research objectives, working in tandem with the CCEB, are to:

  • support primary research in biostatistics and epidemiology;
  • work with the CCEB in providing consultation on issues of study design and statistical analysis for the Medical Center; and
  • work with the CCEB in facilitating collaborative research involving clinicians, biostatisticians, and non-clinician epidemiologists.

Biostatistics Research

Biostatistics team members lead scientific methodology research programs that develop novel statistical approaches, and collaborate as co-investigators on a wide array of studies within the CCEB, throughout Penn Medicine, and nationally. They engage in a wide array of research in statistical-methods development; design and conduct national, multi-center clinical trials; direct clinical research networks; and work as members of biomedical, behavioral, clinical and translational research teams across many scientific disciplines. Read more about biostatistics research.

Epidemiology Research

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