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Instructions for New Customers

STEP 1: All CDB Microscopy Core customers must have an active PennKey. If you do not have one, download the PennKey application form here. Fill out the top part and send it to Andrea Stout for completion. In addition, access to our Smilow facility is controlled by PennCard, so if you do not have one, you'll need to get one. Non-UPenn customers can find instructions and the form for obtaining a PennCard here.

STEP 2: Contact Andrea Stout or Jasmine Zhao directly to discuss the microscopy needs of your project. For all scanning electron microscopy (SEM) services, contact Yuri Veklich.

STEP 3: Set up a Microscopy Core Scheduling (MCS) account:

a) Email Andrea Stout and request to be added to the Microscopy Core customer database. Include your PennKey in the email if it's not part of your email address.

b) If your PI is based in the Perelman School of Medicine: contact your business administrator (BA) and ask him or her to authorize you to spend money on an active 26-digit budget code using a utility called "SAM". Instructions for BAs on how to use SAM can be found here (44 KB pdf).

c) If your PI is based in another UPenn school, or at CHOP, Wistar, or another outside institution: send an email to Andrea Stout containing the name and contact information for your PI and your PI's business administrator. We will create an external budget code for you to use.

d) Activate your MCS account:


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