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Stout image 2Members of our Department participate actively in an umbrella program - the Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Group -- that ties together faculty from many departments and schools of the University of Pennsylvania. The primary goal of the CAMB program is to provide students with rigorous research training and advanced laboratory experience involving the investigation of basic biological mechanisms, as well as unique opportunities to receive training in medical research on human diseases and their therapies.

Together with its strong emphasis on basic education in cell and molecular biology, the program prepares the student for research and teaching careers in the biomedical sciences in academic institutions as well as the biotechnology industry.

Entry level students are offered a core curriculum to provide a broad foundation in eukaryotic molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry and the techniques as well as opportunities provided for by the post-genome era. In addition, participation in lab rotations throughout their first year familiarizes students with modern research methods and current problems in cell and developmental biology.

Faculty members in our department contribute to the core courses, serve as hosts for laboratory rotations and are mentors on the training grants, but they also organize advanced seminars in both cell and developmental biology. These seminars delve in depth into the most fundamental and forward-looking questions currently posed in these disciplines.

Students choose a thesis lab by the start of their second year. Our students' advanced training is enriched by a variety of activities including seminars, journal clubs and scientific retreats, at which they present their research and exchange ideas and information. Our department sponsors the Annual Retreat in Cell & Developmental Biology, while the CAMB graduate group sponsors other events. By the time their dissertation is completed, students sponsored by our department faculty are expected to have published original discoveries made during their thesis research in the top journals in cell and developmental biology.

For more detailed information on the six areas of specialized research training that are offered to advanced CAMB students, click here.

For current Graduate Students sponsored by faculty members in our department, click here.


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