TB/HIV Coinfection Working Group
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Duke University CFAR

Primary contacts

David Murdoch: david.murdoch@duke.edu
Jason Stout: jason.stout@duke.edu

  1. HIV/TB Co-infection Projects:
    • TB immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (TB-IRIS) in HIV-infected adults in South Africa
      PI: David Murdoch; david.murdoch@duke.edu
      Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
      Duke Univ Medical Center
      Pager: (919) 970-7353
      Cell:  (919) 225-5647
  2. HIV/TB Researchers:
    • Email contact: Jason Stout - jason.stout@duke.edu
    • TB infection in N Carolina; & Immunogenicity of MTB T Cell Epitopes 
  3. Inter-CFAR Shared Resources:
    • Training workshops in polychromatic flow cytometry (PFC) via the CFAR Flow Cytometry Core Facility
    • Design, development, & validation of PFC panels and immunology assays
    • BSL-2* equipped laboratory with 2 LSRII custom configuration cytometers
    • Innovative computational flow cytometry analysis (CFAR Biostatistics & Computational Biology Core Facility)