TB/HIV Coinfection Working Group
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New York University CFAR

Primary contacts

Michael Weiden, M.D.  michael.weiden@nyumc.org
Fred Valentine, M.D.    fred.valentine@nyumc.org 

Basic microbiology
Heran Darwin: Functions of proteosomes and protein regulation in Mtb

Host cell requirements
Jennifer Phillips: Host cell factors required for Mtb growth.  RNAi knock down.

Human alveolar macrophage and MTb
Michael Weiden: Molecular and cell biology of HIV and Mtb interactions in human alveolar macrophages: transcription factors and interferons, bronchoscopy studies

Immune responses to Mtb
Joel Ernst: Sequential cellular and immune responses to aerosol Mtb in mice: formation of granuloma

Molecular epidemiology
Bouke de Jong: M africanum, molecular and clinical differences from Mtb

Drugs and treatments
Judith Aberg: ACTG clinical trials of treatment parameters

William Rom: Effects of IFNγ on Mtb-infected human macrophages; effects of aerosolized IFNγ in Mtb patients, bronchoscopy studies

Sanjay Tyagi:  Fluorescent molecular beacons for diagnosis

Suman Laal: Human antibody responses to selected Mtb proteins and peptides can distinguish latent and active infections

Jennifer Lighter: Quantiferon tests in the  diagnosis of Mtb in children

Daniel Malamud: “Lab on a slide”, diagnostic platform for Mtb

International collaborations
Rom- South Africa Cape Town
Laal-  India
Lighter- Kenya
De Jong- Gambia