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1.  HIV/TB Co-infection Projects:
Mina Hosseinipour and Charles Vorkas - Comparative study of BACTEC MGIT, MTBDR plus  and LJ culture media to detect and determine susceptibility profiles for patients recieving TB treatment regimen in Malawi.  mina_hosseinipour@med.unc.edu

Charles Van der horst – PI on ICORTA grant to create comprehensive TB and HIV/TB training program in South Africa. charles_vanderhorst@med.unc.edu

Annelies Van Rie – HIV/TB epidemiology.  vanrie@email.unc.edu

Kristina Abel (with Michelle Larsen and Glenn Fennelly at the Einstein Institute) - Testing the immunogenicity and efficacy of a combination pediatric HIV/TB vaccine using te neonatal rhesus macaque model. abelk@med.unc.edu

2. HIV/TB Researchers:
Miriam Braunstein – Basic Biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis with emphasis on characterization of the role in pathogenesis of M. tuberculosis proteins secreted into the host environment.

3.  Inter-CFAR Shared Resources: 
TB equipped BSL3 lab.  Aerosol infection suite for infecting mice and guinea pigs with M. tuberculosis