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Group Treatment Programs

Social Anxiety Group for Teens

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Social anxiety, or intense nervousness in social or performance situations, can interfere with an adolescent's ability to form friendships, participate in school, and and enjoy daily life. COTTAGe offers a 14-week group treatment program for teenagers who experience extreme shyness and social anxiety. This program will help them build the skills necessary to manage their anxiety and feel more comfortable in social situations.

Social Skills Groups for Pre-teens and Teens

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Difficulties with social interactions are a core diagnostic feature of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), and most individuals with ASD will not acquire social skills without explicit instruction. COTTAGe offers separate 16-week group treatment program for pre-teens and teens with ASD who would benefit from social skills training. Groups aim to build and strengthen social skills, as well as decrease accompanying social anxiety. A diagnosis of ASD is not necessary to participate in the group.

Trichotillomania Support Group

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Many people who struggle with trichotillomania find it helpful to build a supportive community with others who also deal with body-focused repetitive behaviors.  This group will help teens apply habit reversal strategies, learn more about trich, and support each other in working on hair pulling.

To learn more information and find out when these groups are being offered, please fill out a New Patient Screening Questionnaire.

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