Office of Diversity and Community Outreach

Our Goals

The major goal of this office is to implement Penn Medicine’s vision and strategic goal to increase diversity in support of the Penn Compact and University’s overall vision to move from excellence to eminence. We are committed to increasing diversity within all levels in the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine among the faculty, house staff, medical students and staff.

A second goal of this office is to promote the valid inclusion of members of the West Philadelphia community in program initiatives aimed at addressing and reducing the numerous health disparities that exist there.

Additional goals are to:

  • Assist in PENN’s quest in all areas by providing a culturally rich and diverse environment that is recognized for providing encouragement, support, and resources to people from all backgrounds
  • Increase the number of underrepresented minorities in leadership roles at PENN Medicine
  • Develop a process to evaluate retention and recruitment of underrepresented minorities
  • Creation of a tracking system for follow-up that will allow PENN Medicine to monitor the progress of recruitment
  • Increase the percentage of underrepresented minority students in the Medical School

We are in continuous meetings with the Chairs in PENN Med Science Departments to assist in implementing strategies to attract diverse applicants by:

  • Collaborating with search committees to encourage a diverse applicant pool
  • Striving to maintain the retention and promotion of present Jr. and Sr. URM Faculty
  • Representing PENN training programs at national and regional SNMA and BLHO conferences to attract diverse applicants
  • Meetings with PENN Med Program Directors on best practices that help to increase URM medical students in the Residency Program