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Anna Pecoraro, Psy.D.


Anna Pecoraro, PsyD is a licensed clinical psychologist and Research Associate on the faculty of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Psychiatry.  An amateur operatic soprano with a bachelor of music degree from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, she subsequently earned her masters and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology of Widener University in Chester, PA, with concentrations in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Health Psychology.  Dr. Pecoraro completed her postdoctoral fellowship in addictions at the University of Pennsylvania and the Delaware Valley Node of the CTN, with Dr. George Woody as her mentor.  Dr. Pecoraro conducts both qualitative and quantitative research.  Her research interests include the treatment of opiate and alcohol addiction, factors associated with HIV treatment engagement and attrition, preventing HIV treatment attrition, and improving medical care by providing SBIRT services in medical contexts.  As a clinician-researcher, Dr. Pecoraro is particularly interested in what scientists can learn from listening to patients’ tell their own stories and learning how people’s strengths and positive characteristics can be used to address their needs.  She has collaborated in both domestic and international research.  Her major current projects include a PEPFAR supplement:  “Staying-or Not Staying-in HIV Treatment in Russia,” which is a collaboration with the Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg, Russia; and “Project Engage – Providing SBIRT to Hospitalized Medical Inpatients” and “Using the AUDIT-PC to Predict Alcohol Withdrawal in a General Hospital,” which are collaborations with Christiana Care Health System in Wilmington, Delaware.  Dr. Pecoraro welcomes inquiries about her work and possibilities for local, national, and international collaboration, particularly in Russia, Ukraine, and Italy. 

Selected Publications

Cacciola, J.S., Pecoraro, A., & Alterman, A.I.  (2008).  Development of ASI Psychiatric severity cut-off scores to identify co-occurring psychiatric disorders. International Journal of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, 6(1), 77-92.

Pecoraro, A., & Woody, G.E.  (2011).  Medication assisted treatment for opioid dependence in jails and prisons.  F1000 Medicine Reports 2010, 3:1.

Pecoraro, A., Ma, M., & Woody, G.E.  (Accepted - In Press).  The science and practice of medication assisted opiate treatments.  Substance Use and Misuse.  United Nations Special Edition on Interventions, Policy, and Practice. 

Selected Abstracts

Pecoraro, A. & Woody, G.E.  (2011).  Predictors of Lost-to-Care vs. Engaged Status among Urban HIV Clinic Patients.  Poster presented at annual meeting of the College of Problems of Drug Dependence.  Hollywood, FL. 

Horton, T., Woody, G.E., Pecoraro, A., Wright, P.A., Silverman, B.  (2011).  Project Engage: SBIRT with medically hospitalized patients.  Poster presented at annual meeting of the College of Problems of Drug Dependence.  Hollywood, FL. 

Geda, Y.E.  & Pecoraro, A.  (2002).  Targeting Integrated Change: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. Paper presented at the Salzburg International Seminar for the Public Health.  Salzburg, Austria. 

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