Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
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Photograph from Promoted Faculty Reception, 2008

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FAPD and SOM Applications


Clinician-Educator (CE) Track Principles

Information about the CE Track Principles effective for appointments 7/1/14

Committee on Appointments and Promotions (COAP)

Information about the Perelman School of Medicine Committee on Appointment and Promotions

Dossier Checklists

Dossier Checklists for faculty appointments, reappointments and promotions

Dossier Development Online Resources

Resources and tools for compiling dossiers

Dossier Due Dates

Listing of due dates for submission of dossiers for full-time faculty to the FAPD office for mandatory reviews, promotions and reappointments

Extramural Activities / Conflict of Interest

Resources for Extramural Activities and Conflict of Interest

Faculty Careers: Surveying the Road from Appointment to Promotion

Link to the on-line tutuorial on the full-time tracks (Tenure, CE, Research, & AC) and the policies and processes for their appointment, reappointment, and promotion.

Faculty Coordinator Resources

Resources for Faculty Coordinators

Faculty Handbook

University of Pennsylvania 'Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators' containing University policies and procedures

Faculty Track Descriptions

Chart showing the clinical, research and education responsibilities for the four full-time faculty tracks (Tenure, Clinician-Educator, Research and Academic Clinician)

Offer Letters, Compensation Statements and Other Related Documents

Templates for offer letters and compensation statements

Welcoming New Faculty

Resources and Templates to be used to welcome new faculty