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Corporate Match Program - Flag Football Uniform Program

Am I eligible to apply to the Corporate Match program???

If you are unable to obtain all 8 sponsors but would still like to get team uniforms through FFK, you are eligible.


Since we were unable to get all 8 sponsors, what must we do to get team uniforms???

We ask that teams achieve $400 in sponsorship. Since your team fell short of the goal, we ask that you pay half of the difference out of pocket.

Refer to the following chart to see how much the Corporate Match Program requires you to pay:

# of sponsors obtained Amount raised from our sponsors Amount we fell short of our $400 goal Amount we must pay, out of pocket, to participate in the Corporate Match Program
0 $0 $400 $200
1 $50 $350 $175
2 $100 $300 $150
3 $150 $250 $125
4 $200 $200 $100
5 $250 $150 $75
6 $300 $100 $50
7 $350 $50 $25
8 $400 $0 $0


If you would like to participate in the Corporate Match program, please submit the following form before you send in your local businesses' contributions:

Team Name:   
School Name:   
Number of Sponsors:   
Amount Raised from Sponsors: $
Amount we fell short of $400 Goal: $
Amount my team will pay out-of-pocket: $

After you submit, you will receive an e-mail within 3 business days from FFK informing you of your approval status. If you do not receive an e-mail, you are not approved.


Have questions? Check out Frequently Asked Questions or e-mail us (Matthew Elias and Michael Shumski): flag.football.for.the.kids@gmail.com