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Welcome Corporate Friends - Flag Football Uniform Program

Thank you for your interest in Flag Football for the Kids (FFK). This page explains the structure of our "Corporate Match" program and your role in helping our operation run smoothly. Our corporate partners are truly the "oil" that keeps us running. Your participation helps attract many teams to participate in our "team uniform" program, thereby enabling increased financial support towards our mission. In return for your contribution, we hope to provide value to your company.

Why does FFK need a Corporate Match program?

Our primary fundraiser involves providing flag football teams with uniforms. We ask that teams seek sponsorship from local businesses in their communities. We ask teams to obtain 8 sponsors, at $50 per sponsor, for a contribution of $400 per team. While many teams that wish to participate are able to meet this requirement, some are not. There are a variety of reasons for which teams are unable to obtain all 8 sponsors. In those situations, the Corporate Match program enables teams to still participate in our program, thereby salvaging the money they were able to raise from the community.

How does the Corporate Match program work? 

Please consider the following example:

Team X has 4 sponsors but is unable to obtain any more before the start of their season. They are short of the required number of sponsors (8) by four.  Therefore, the team is short of our requirement by $200. If the team would still like to participate, they may apply to the Corporate Match program.

Since the team is $200 short of their goal, we ask them to pay half of that amount, in this case $100, out of their own pocket. The other $100 will come from four companies participating in the Corporate Match Program. Each company will have $25 go towards Team X's uniforms, and each company will have its logo placed on that team's uniforms.

To summarize the example scenario from above:

  • 4 local business each contribute $50
  • 4 corporate match participants each contribute $25
  • Team members contribute $100 (still at a major discount in comparison to what they would be required to pay outside of our program)
  • The total contribution is $400
  • The team receives great looking uniforms, with each of the businesses' and Corporate Match contributors' logos appearing on them

Benefits to Corporate Match partners:

  • Corporate Match partners receive advertising at a 50% discount, relative to participating local businesses. For $500, a company can sponsor 20 different flag football teams! Their logo may appear on the uniform of up to 240 different players' uniforms, with thousands of curious eyes seeing each one!

  • Companies participating in the Match program have their contributions matched by community flag football teams, thereby doubling the proceeds benefitting sick children. Therefore, a sponsorship of $500 will result in $1000 of revenue. Moreover, because the Corporate Match helps to salvage sponsorships from local, small businesses that would otherwise be returned, your $500 sponsorship can attract up to an additional $3500 from the community.


If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to e-mail us (Matthew Elias and Michael Shumski): flag.football.for.the.kids@gmail.com