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Hints and Tips for Getting Sponsors for the Flag Football Uniform Program

  • Seek sponsorship from businesses that you and your teammates frequent. Most businesspeople are happy to help a customer with a good cause, especially when getting advertising in return. Think local restaurants, bars, barbershops and salons, businesses of family and friends, etc.


  • Small businesses tend to give with quicker turnaround times. You can usually speak to a manager or owner directly. If you are a frequent customer, they are usually happy to support the cause.


  • Try to speak to a manager and be prepared to give them a few days to make a decision. Remember who you spoke with at each business, and be sure to write down their contact information. Establish a follow-up time (1-3 days) with the manager, and follow-up with them. If they don't get back to you, be prepared to give them a friendly reminderl. Being organized will make your efforts much easier!


  • Large businesses are often happy to participate; however, it often takes longer to receive sponsorship. This is because your information usually must be passed through several levels of management before it reaches a person authorized to make a decision. If you plan to target large business, be prepared to start early!



  • Persistence pays off... and will help your team get some great looking free uniforms while supporting a great cause at the same time!


Good luck!!!

-FFK staff