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Letter for Potential Sponsors for the Flag Football Uniform Program

In seeking sponsorship, feel free to distribute this letter or the attached flyer explaining our mission to your potential sponsors:

Dear Sponsor,

Thank you for expressing interest in sponsoring our flag football team. Our team is composed of students from _____________________ (school name here), and we are participating with the state-licensed non-profit charitable organization "Flag Football for the Kids," which is based out of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. The group's mission is:

  1. to provide the excitement and experience of sports to children with medical diseases/disorders, and
  2. to raise money to support their medical costs and research towards cures.

We are asking local businesses, which many of us frequent, to help sponsor our team. We ask for a sponsorship of $50, and in return we will put YOUR LOGO on our team uniforms (Great Advertising!!). Only 8 sponsors are allowed per team, so that each logo is of significant size, rather than a small-font, single line on the back. A portion of your sponsorship will go towards purchasing our team uniforms, and the rest of the proceeds will benefit sick children. In past years, sponsorships from local and national businesses helped us make welcomed donations to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Ronald McDonald Camp, and we aim to make even greater donations this season.

Since the group is run by student volunteers, there are no administrative costs, and 100% of the proceeds benefit sick kids. Further, since the group is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, you can be confident that your payment is safely in the hands of those who can best use it to make a difference. Checks can be made payable to "Flag Football for the Kids."

We would love to have you as part of our team. If you are interested in joining our growing network and becoming a sponsor to help children and our team, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

__________________ (name)

__________________ (school name)

__________________ (e-mail address)

__________________ (phone number)


Organization Website: www.med.upenn.edu/flagfootballforthekids