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Module 4: Cognitive Loss

Module 4 addresses:

1) Stages of dementia;
2) Related disability from specific cognitive impairments;
3) Steps to address acute changes in cognitive status.

When the Mind Falters: Cognitive Losses in Dementia

Written by:

Joel Streim, MD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program
University of Pennsylvania
VISN 4 Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center
Philadelphia VA Medical Center

Reviewed and updated spring of 2014 by:

Patrick Dostal, MD

Dementia, and the cognitive losses and behavioral changes it causes, presents major challenges to nursing home staff. With an improved understanding of how cognition becomes impaired and the stages of dementia, direct care staff can better assess residents’ abilities and issues, and respond to them appropriately. The loss of mental function and behavioral changes caused by dementia are frequent reasons for nursing home admission. As a result, up to two-thirds of nursing home residents have dementia , most of whom have Alzheimer's disease, the most prevalent type of dementia. An estimated 5.2 million Americans currently have Alzheimer's disease, and, as the number of older Americans grows rapidly, the prevalence Alzheimer's disease is expected to nearly triple by 2050. Understanding how to care for those with dementia can improve their quality of life and prevent unnecessary decline in their functioning.

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Module 4: Cognitive Loss: Introduction

Module 4: Cognitive Loss: Key Concepts

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Module 4: Cognitive Loss: Participant Handout

Module 4: Cognitive Loss: Video

Module 4: Cognitive Loss: Pre-Test and Answer Key

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