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Module 5: Behavior in Dementia

Module 5 addresses:

1) Framework for interpreting behavior;
2) Assessment: identifying the meaning of behavior;
3) Individualized care to respond to behavior.

When Behavior Challenges: Responding to Behaviors Associated with Cognitive Loss

Lois K. Evans, DNSc, RN, FAAN
Viola MacInnes/Independence Professor in Nursing,
Department Chair Family and Community Health
School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

Persons whose ability to communicate is reduced because of dementia pose great challenges for caregivers. In this module we will examine ways to understand behavior as a form of communication for these elders, learn how to make sense of that behavior and to design individualized ways to meet elders' needs that may prevent or lessen the behaviors.

Download either the complete module, a video, or various sections, such as presentation tools for the instructor as well as handouts and evaluation forms for the participants.

Teaching Materials for Module 5:

Video (7:09 min)

Module 5: Behaviors in Dementia

For the Instructor:

Instructor's Slides with Notes

For Participants:

Module 5: Behaviors in Dementia (Slides)

Module 5: Behaviors in Dementia (Handout)

Evaluation of Module


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