Metabolic Tracer Resource

The Metabolic Tracer Resource aims to provide consultation and services to IDOM investigators interested in using stable isotope labeled tracers (typically carbon-13 or deuterium) in cell-based, animal and human metabolic studies.

The Resource offers analysis of stable isotope enrichment of glucose, glycerol, fatty acids and amino acids in samples from metabolic tracer studies. These data can then be used to calculate rates of turnover, synthesis, production or recycling.

The Resource is currently located in room 12-171A Translational Research Center (TRC).

5975 Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS)

Please contact Dr. John Millar for further information.

John Millar, PhDDirector:
John Millar, PhD
Office phone: 215-898-0638


Vishala PatelLab contact:
Vishala Patel
Lab Phone: 215-746-4587

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