IDOM Graduate Student Interest Group

There are many opportunities for graduate study in the Institute for Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism, including course work, mentored research and seminars.  All of the graduate students in IDOM labs enter through one of the graduate groups under the aegis of the Biomedical Graduate Studies, the Biology Program at the School of Arts and Sciences or Penn Neuroscience. Typically, students commit to one of these graduate programs when they choose Penn, and upon arrival have the opportunity of performing rotations in laboratories of IDOM members

These mentors provide a broad range of research opportunities spanning many disciplines and asking varied questions related to diabetes, obesity and metabolic disease.  Once a student elects to perform his or her thesis in the laboratory of an IDOM faculty member, that student immediately becomes part of the IDOM graduate community.  IDOM graduate student activities include hosting graduate student-selected outside speakers, attending and presenting in joint laboratory meetings, and attending IDOM social events.  Opportunities for collaborative research abound and most students get to know many of the faculty, students and postdoctoral fellows from a number of IDOM laboratories. 

While some of the IDOM students enter Penn as members of the Cell Biology & Physiology Program within the Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Program, many others choose such disciplines as Genetics, Developmental Biology, Pharmacology or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for their didactic training prior to the selection of a laboratory.  Courses offered by IDOM members and their colleagues cover most topics relevant to diabetes and metabolism, including physiology, biochemistry, signal transduction and cell biology.  Moreover, students at Penn often take advantage of the ability to design “one on one” courses with faculty.  Graduates who have trained in IDOM laboratories now occupy many leadership positions in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

Graduate students are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Academic Enrichment Program. Guest lecturers are invited by the graduate students.

The following students are current members:

Yair Argon Lab:

  • Devin Dersh

Mitch Lazar Lab:

  • Matt Emmett
  • Jarrett Remsberg
  • Sonia Step
  • Fenfen Wang

Doris Stoffers Lab:

  • Cynthia Khoo
  • Corey Cannon

Klaus Kaestner Lab:

  • Reina Aoki
  • Yang Jiao
  • Vasu Kamerwaran
  • Julia Kieckhaefer
  • Rinho Kim
  • Dolim Lee
  • Sebastian Rieck
  • Gabe Walton

Joe Baur Lab:

  • David Frederick

Patrick Seale Lab:

  • Matt Harms
  • Megan Kissig

Harvey Grill Lab:

  • Amber Alhadeff

Matthew Hayes Lab

  • Brianne Jeffrey

Gary Wu Lab:

  • Ting-chin David Shen

If you are interested in joining the graduate student group contact Lisa Henry.

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