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Michael Rickels, MD, MS

Principal Invesitator - Michael Rickels, MD, MS

Title: Severe Hypoglycemia in Older Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

Sponsor: The Jaeb Center for Health Research in Tampa, Florida. 

Objective: This is a T1D Registry Non-Treatment, Non-Intervention Ancillary Study. The primary objective is to better understand factors contributing to severe hypoglycemia in older adults with T1D of long duration.  Patients who have had a severe hypoglycemic event in the past 12 months (Cases) will be compared with those who have not had a severe hypoglycemic event in the past 3 years (Controls).  It is hoped that the study results can be used to design an intervention study with the goal of reducing the incidence of severe hypoglycemia in older adults.

Eligibility: This study is now closed to enrollment.

Contact Info:
Cornelia V. Dalton Bakes, CRC

Phone: 215-746-2085

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