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Welcome to Penn Medicine's Office of Inclusion and Diversity

Eve J. HigginbothamLasting commitment is born of genuine appreciation for that which we aspire to be.  Penn Medicine’s commitment to inclusion and diversity is more than words echoing our evolving society; it is a commitment backed by actions that are the foundation of our eminence, core values, and the strategic priorities that drive how we discover, educate, and serve the world.

Penn Medicine’s five-year strategic plan 2013-2017, Shaping the Future of Medicine, defined our priorities; one of which was the creation of the Office of Inclusion and Diversity.  Our efforts are aimed at supporting the many innovative programs underway, as well as exploring new opportunities to embrace diversity and broaden access to people of all ethnicities, historical traditions and economic backgrounds, genders, religions and disabilities, and respecting sexual orientation and veteran status.  I urge you to visit our site often and let us share in this commitment with you.

BLOG: Conversations About Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity Drives Quality in Science

For some of you, this title may be a surprise, and for others it is not. For the latter group, it is likely that you have experienced in your own life, the occasion when collective wisdom has produced the best decision. This is not a consideration for “group think” as a path to decision making, but rather a process that provides the opportunity for all perspectives to be heard, respected, and incorporated into a final decision or product. This principle can be found nurturing the roots of an inclusive organization and one that thrives fully on the expressions of all its members. These principles form the foundation for mission of the new Office of Inclusion and Diversity, based at the Perelman School of Medicine.

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Gender Diversity Science
Gender Diversity Science article

Here we present the first empirical evidence to support the hypothesis that a gender-heterogeneous problem-solving team generally produced journal articles perceived to be higher quality by peers than a team comprised of highly-performing individuals of the same gender. Although women were historically underrepresented as principal investigators of working groups, their frequency as PIs at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis is now comparable to the national frequencies...

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"From the Desk of Penn Faculty…"
Accommodating Bigotry article

Gregory McGriff is an Ivy league-trained internist who was once dismissed from a patient's room because McGriff is black. McGriff went on to relate a different incident in which a patient complained that he was “uppity,” having used terminology that the patient did not understand.  McGriff’s narrative brought to mind an occasion when I cared for an elderly member of the Ku Klux Klan.

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