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Diversity Search Advisory Program

Penn’s Diversity Action Plan initiated the new role of Diversity Search Advisor, which replaced the faculty Affirmative Action Officers. The Perelman School of Medicine implemented a Diversity Search Advisor (DSA) Program during Summer 2012.  Department Chairs nominated a faculty member(s) to serve in this role, which now places the Diversity Search Advisor at the front end of the faculty search and closer to the search process, rather than reviewing search documentation at the end. There are over 40 DSAs in the School.

Diversity Search Advisor Meetings

The Senior Diversity Search Advisor for PSOM and the Associate Director of FAPD partner for monthly meetings and individual meetings with department Diversity Search Advisors to conduct ongoing orientation sessions, review the DSA role and the faculty search process.  The DSA meetings include open discussions in small group settings, discussion of strategies for broad outreach to applicants, advertising and unconscious bias education and how to improve the effectiveness of the DSA role. 

Diversity Search Advisor Tools

The Diversity Search Advisor Role & Responsibilities description and the DSA Checklist and Outreach Strategies have been developed to assist the DSAs in comprehending their role and performing their activities with search committees. We provide DSAs with the AAMC Unconscious Bias Webinar and ask them to distribute to the search committees in their departments.

Diversity Search Advisor Resources 

Diversity Search Advisor Role and Responsibilities 

PSOM Diversity Search Advisors by Department