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October 16, 2017 | by Greg Richter

Celebrating 100 years of women in medicine at the University of Pennsylvania during Women in Medicine Month

In honor of Women in Medicine month, and the anniversary of Dr. Clara Hillesheim’s graduation, the Office of Inclusion and Diversity and the Penn Special Interest Group in Health Disparities and Health Equity hosted two former United States Surgeons General, to share their experiences.

Keeping Efforts to Build a More Inclusive Culture in the Forefront

Keeping Efforts to Build a More Inclusive Culture in the Forefront

Eve J. Higginbotham SM, MD


A recent editorial written by former Treasury Secretary James Baker and former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young in the Wall Street Journal,…

Penn Med Students Create App to Address LGBTQ Health Disparities Read - Phillymag

SpectrumScores aims to connect LGBTQ patients with the right providers to cater to their unique needs.

A Principled Man - The Pennsylvania Gazette

When Nathan Mossell crossed the stage of Philadelphia’s Academy of Music to receive his medical diploma in the spring of 1882, his white peers saluted him with “almost deafening applause,” he wrote in his short autobiography. As an honor student graduating in the top quarter of his class, Mossell had triumphed over the virulent racism displayed by many of his classmates…

H. Moses Murdock Presented his poster at the Annual Medical Education Conf

   H. Moses Murdock presented his poster entitled "Ranking Diversity: Quantifying UME Ethnic Diversity at Academic Medical Centers"   at the Annual Medical Education Conference, held by the Student National Medical Association. 

H. Moses Murdock is an MD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman…

Two Members of Penn Community Named “40 Under 40 Leaders in Minority Health

The National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) has honored two members of the Penn community with its 40 Under 40 Leaders in Minority Health award, which recognizes the next generation of thought leaders in reducing healthcare disparities. Paris…

Novello Inspires Action at 2017 Penn Health Equity Symposium

AUTHOR: Janet Weiner, PhD, MPH and Nastasha Galperin ‘No time for apathy or complacency’

Celebrating Black History Month and Dr. Nathan Mossell

Dr. Francis Nathan Mossell was the first African American to receive a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania

Nathan Francis Mossell, the son of Aaron and Eliza Bowers Mossell, was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on July 27, 1856. Nathan's father, Aaron Mossell, was a grandson of slaves, with a…