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Science Hidden Conflicts? An Investigation Finds a Pattern of After-the-Fact Compensation by Pharma to Those Advising the U.S. Government on Drug Approvals (July 6, 2018) by Charles Piller  

Philly Residents Drink Less Coke After Soda Tax—But Diet Sales Stay Flat (April 13, 2018)

by John Bonazzo



Doctors who take pharmaceutical money use Twitter to hype drugs (September 11, 2017) by Ronnie Cohen

Chicago Tribune

Are drug firms paying your doctor? (August 17, 2017)

by Lisa Schencker and Jennifer Smith Richards

Philadelphia Inquirer

Two-thirds of patients are seen by doctors who got industry money (March 16, 2017)

by Tom Avril

Fierce Healthcare

65% of patients see doctors who get paid by drug companies (March 8, 2017)

by Joanne Finnegan

Becker's Hospital Review

65% of patients see physicians who've accepted money from drug, device industry (March 7, 2017)

by Mackenzie Bean

Modern Healthcare

Among some physicians, a concentration of patients--and of industry dollars, too (March 6, 2017)

by Elizabeth Whitman

The Atlantic

Why Trump's conflicts of interest matter (January 3, 2017)

by Olga Khazan


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