Lamitina Lab Members

Elizabeth Morton

UPenn graduate student, Program in Genes and Genetic Regulation

Elizabeth Morton

Identification of hsf-1 regulatory mechanisms by high-throughput RNAi screening in C. elegans.


Predrag Krajacic, M.D. - Postdoctoral fellow


Evolutionarily conserved synaptic function of the Dysferlin protein in C. elegans and mice

Kinematic and biomechanical anlaysis of C. elegans motility


Jessica Tanis, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral fellow

Jess Tanis

Regulatory mechanisms of post-synaptic receptor organization in C. elegans


Liping He, Ph.D. - Research Specialist

Liping He

A C. elegans model of cystic fibrosis


Tim Chaya - Research Specialist

Tim Chaya

Regulatory mechanisms of osmosensitive gene expression in C. elegans


Lorenza Moronetti Mazzeo, M.S. - Research Specialist


Proteotoxic effects of osmotic dyshomeostasis in C. elegans


Domini Crandon - UPENN undergraduate student


Biomechanical analysis of C. elegans motility


Phil Kozak - UPENN undergraduate student

Phil KoK

A C. elegans model of cystic fibrosis


Travis Gingerich - UPENN undergraduate work study student



Todd Lamitina, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Physiology

Todd Lamitina


Former lab members

Name Current position
Anne-Katrin Rohlfing, Ph.D. Habilitation fellow, University of Potsdam, Germany
Weiqun Yu, Ph.D. Postdoc, BIDMC
Allen Naygauzen Enlisted officer, US Army
Yana Miteva Graduate student, Princeton University