Welcome to the homepage of LGBTPM+! We are Perelman School of Medicine’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer student and student allies organization.

We are thrilled to present our inaugural Outlist! Thank you to all the administrators, students, and supportive members of the LGBTQ community who made it possible.

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Mission Statement

The LGBTPM+ is Perelman School of Medicine’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer student and student allies organization. Our group of LGBTQ students and allies is committed to:

  • Increasing visibility of LGBTQ people at Penn Med
  • Educating the Penn Med community about LGBTQ health best practices through speaker series and curriculum development
  • Promoting LGBT-health related community outreach
  • Providing opportunities for professional development
  • Cultivating our vibrant community of LGBTQ students, faculty, staff and allies at Penn Med.
  • 2015 Leadership

    Questions, comments? Lost? We're always happy to field questions about the Penn Med community and appreciate your feedback. Don't hesitate to contact us!

    Lauren Nadler

    Project 01

    Lauren Nadler

    • Program: M.D. 2018
    • Hometown: Washington, D.C.
    • Educational Background: Goucher College

    Rebecca Anastos-Wallen

    Project 02

    Rebecca Anastos-Wallen

    • Program: M.D. 2018
    • Hometown: Yonkers, NY
    • Educational Background: Yale, 2009

    Joey Bahng

    Project 03

    Joey Bahng

    • Program: M.D. 2018
    • Hometown: Lake Mary, FL
    • Educational Background: Bachelor of the Arts in Environmental Studies from NYU '13, Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program at Johns Hopkins '14
    • Research Interests: End-stage renal disease after solid organ transplant, alternative modalities for medical education such as spirituality and art observation training
    • Also Involved In: volunteer at Puentes de Salud, organize the Trauma Chaplain Shadowing Program, patient enrollment for the AVERT Shock Trial
    • Hobbies: cycling
    • Fun Fact: I was a state champion gymnast in my age group for the high bar when I was 12 years old, and it basically all went downhill from there.

    Leadership Board

    Project 04

    Leadership Board


    We regularly host academic, community service, and social events. Below, you will find a list of events we've held and are planning to have from December 2013 forward. If you are interested in co-hosting an event or helping out with future events, contact us at We would love to have you involved!

    Perspectives on HIV with Dr. Ian Frank: The past, present, and future of patient care

    Dr. Ian Frank is an attending physicians at HUP in the Division of Infectious Disease and director of the Clinical-Therapeutics Program, Penn Center for AIDS Research. Dr. Frank directs Penn Medicin's clinical trial unit of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network. His main areas of research include mechanisms of underlying immune activation and immunopathogenesis of HIV infection, HIV vaccination, and strategies of HIV prevention. In this talk, Dr. Frank discussed the experiences he has had in the ever-changing landscape of HIV care. He discussed the weaknesses and strengths of prevention programs, particularly within the LGBT community. This talk was the first in our speaker series for the 2013-2014 school year. (December 13, 2013)

    Previous Leadership


    Cole Thompson

    • Program: M.D. 2017
    • Hometown: Helena, MT
    • Educational Background: BA, Philosophy, Biology, Duke University
    • Research Interests: Health services research, genetics, global health
    • Also Involved in: Unity Clinic, Penn Med Writers' Workshop
    • Hobbies: Beer brewing, writing, swimming
    • Fun Fact: While living abroad in Indonesia, I spent many of my weekends hunting wild boar through the rain forest with spears

    Rachel Graves

    • Program: M.D. 2017
    • Hometown: Greenville, SC
    • Educational Background: B.S. Biochemistry, Boston College, 2011
    • Research Interests: crystalline properties of self-aggregating proteins (e.g. amyloid beta)
    • Hobbies: piano, long walks, writing (short stories/poetry), live music
    • Fun Fact: I've hiked El Camino de Santiago.

    Sabrina Gill

    • Program: M.D. 2017


    Lauren Sinnenberg

    • Program: M.D. 2016
    • Hometown: Westfield, NJ
    • Educational Background: BA, Biology, Williams College
    • Research Interests: Immunology, virology, vaccinology
    • Also Involved in: Cardiology Interest Group, Puentes de Salud, Bioethics
    • Hobbies: Soccer, intramural sports, anything food and drink related, terrible television
    • Fun Fact: I was once featured on Sports Illustrated "Faces in the Crowd"

    Cameron Stainken

    • Program: M.D. 2016
    • Hometown: Kingstown, RI
    • Educational Background: BA, Chinese • International Politics, Georgetown University
    • Research Interests: Global health and infectious disease
    • Hobbies: Recycling deceased trees, infectious smiles
    • Fun Fact: no fun

    Tiffany Ko

    • Program: Ph.D., Bioengineering 2017
    • Hometown: Terre Haute, IN
    • Educational Background: BA, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University; MS, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley-UCSF
    • Research Interests: Medical imaging and instrumentation
    • Also Involved in: Penn Med Art Show, Lambda Grads, HRC, Pipeline
    • Hobbies: rock climbing, biking around town, outdoor adventures, scribbling with permanent marker, careening around the gayborhood, making everyone dance
    • Fun Fact: I have two rambunctious rescue pups, Tova and Tonka


    Name: Jordan Achtman
    Program: MD, MD class of 2015
    Educational Background: BA, Biology, University of Pennsylvania
    Research Interests: Divination and how to use it for world domination
    Other Activities: Snuggling with stray cats and not getting cat scratch fever
    Hobbies: Running, wining and dining, theme parties
    Hometown: Dallas, TX
    Fun Fact: I can read tarot cards


    Name: Allyson Lieberman
    Program: MD-PhD, MD class of 2015
    Educational Background: BS, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University
    Research Interests: Cancer Biology
    Other Activities: Representative to MSTP Steering Committee, UCC Hypertension Clinic, UCHC volunteer
    Hobbies: Eating, cooking, singing, doing old campy workout videos, being a crazy cat lady
    Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
    Fun Fact: I music directed an a cappella group that went on world tour (the picture is from a tea ceremony in Japan - I'm wearing traditional yukata).


    Name: Will Rothwell
    Program: MD-PhD, MD class of 2015
    Educational Background: BS, Biology, Wake Forest Univesity                                                                                                                                                                        
    Employment Background: Duke University Center for AIDS Resarch; Worrell House, Wake Forest U, London; Doherty Lab, University of Melbourne, Australia
    Research Interests: Immunology
    Other Activities: Human Rights Clinic
    Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, restaurants, running, biking, reading, playing my piano
    Hometown: Charlotte, NC
    Fun Fact: I accidentally stepped on Julianne Moore's coat while she was standing in front of me in the ticket line at the Guggenheim in New York.



    Name: Ted Kreider
    Program: MD-PhD, MD Class of 2014
    Educational Background: BA/MS University of Pennsylvania, 2010
    Research Interests: Virology, Microbiology
    Other Activities: Course Representative for Modules 1 & 2, Liaison for Medical Students for Environmental Awareness
    Hobbies: Trying new restaurants; attempting to cook/bake
    Hometown: Moorestown, NJ
    Fun Fact: My dogs at home are labradoodles, mixes between labradors and poodles

    ted bio pic

    Name: Eric Rosoff
    Program: MD, Class of 2014
    Educational Background: BA Government with concentration in American Government & International Relations, Wesleyan University
    Employment Background: EMS in Los Angeles County, Information Technology, and non-profit community organizing
    Research Interest: Using Twitter to assess the quality and efficacy of resuscitative techniques by region
    Other Clubs: Med Students for Choice, Ob/Gyn Interest Group, Medical Spanish, Guatemala Health Initiative, Puentes de Salud
    Hobbies: computers, cycling, hiking, meditations, board games, film & television, reading the news
    Hometown: Los Angeles, California
    Fun Fact: I once played a paramedic on an episode of E.R.

    eric bio pic



    Name: Ellen Fraint
    Program: MD, Class of 2013
    Educational Background: BA University of Pennsylvania, 2008
    Other Activities: Co-chair of the class of 2013, Medical Student Government, Guatemala Health Initiative, various intramural and recreational sports teams, and involvement with other LGBT and Jewish groups at UPenn.
    Hobbies: cooking, dancing, going out to eat, reading, movies, biking, road trips
    Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
    Fun Facts: Meeting Ellen Degeneres was the highlight of my 3-week road trip out west last year. Things I am passionate about: coffee, colorful sneakers, listening to new music, wearing crazy sunglasses.

    ellen pic

    Name: Andrew Migliaccio
    Program: MD, Class of 2013
    Educational Background: BS in Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Florida, 2009
    Other Activities: Redfield Group Co-Chair, UCHC volunteer
    Hobbies: Love trying new restaurants & vegetarian fare, yoga, running, meditation, music & dancing, travel
    Hometown: Winter Park, FL
    Fun Facts: Being a Florida boy, I had never seen snow before moving to Philly. (And then it snowed more than any other winter in history.) The photo below was taken before the Penn Med Formal, and as you may guess from my stunning orange & blue shirt/tie combo, I am a huge fan of the Florida Gators, who took home 4 national championships during my 4 years of college. Go Gators! :)

    andrew pic


    Name: Taylor Sewell
    Program: MD, Class of 2012
    Educational Background: BS Neuroscience, Vanderbilt University, 2008
    Research Interests: Unsure
    Other Clubs: United Community Clinics Medical Coordinator, Medical Student Government Class Representative, Guatemala Health Initiative, Langfitt Health Policy Symposium Co-coordinator
    Hobbies: Trying new restaurants, going to the movies, and attempting to cook
    Hometown: Atlanta, GA
    Fun Fact(s): I've perforated both of my eardrums: one skydiving and the other scuba diving

    picture of taylor


    Name: Renee Betancourt
    Program: MD, Class of 2011
    Educational Background: BA Ethnic Studies, Brown University, 2005
    Employment Background: Research Coordinator at the Institute for Health Policy, MGH/Harvard Medical School (Center for Genomics, Vulnerable Populations and Health Disparities)
    Other Clubs: Stay Safe Crew at Sayre High School, Langfitt Symposium Committee
    Hobbies: Music, cooking, making jewelry, camping, hiking
    Hometown: Havertown, PA

    Name: Rob Dood
    Program: MD, Class of 2011
    Educational Background: BS Biochemistry, the University of Michigan
    Research Interests: Epidemiology, neonatal outcomes, oncology therapies, psychiatry
    Other Clubs: Penn Epidemiology Interest Group
    Hobbies: Reading, cooking, and finding the world's best cappuccino
    Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Contact:; 616-460-4535

    Name: Matthew J. Frigault
    Program: MD, Class of 2011
    Educational Background: BA Biology with concentration in Biochemistry, College of the Holy Cross
    Research Interests: Immunotherapy for cancer and viral pathogens
    Other Clubs: Penn Med Oncology, Penn Medical Student Government Co-Chair, Penn Technology Committee
    Hobbies: Swimming, running, dining out (mainly just eating in general)
    Hometown: East Freetown, MA
    Contact Info:; 508-612-9223
    Fun Fact(s): I'm a vegetarian and I can't sing to save my life


    Name: Scott Walter
    Program: MD, Class of 2011
    Educational Background: BA Anthropological Sciences, Reed College / Stanford
    Research Interests: Reproductive Technologies for Gay and Lesbian Couples; Retrovirus Evolution; Primate Sexuality
    Conferences: Queering the Discourse, 2005 (invited speaker and participant)
    Other Clubs: Penn Biotech Group (consulting); Penn Med Cooking (co-president); Sayre Health Science Outreach (lesson planner);
    Penn Med Fishing Club
    Hobbies: Cooking; rock-climbing
    Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
    Contact Info:; 215-704-8609


    LGBTPM+ published the first Perelman School of Medicine Outlist in celebration of National Coming Out Day 2013! Thank you for joining us at the Friday, October 18th Outlist Celebration at the LGBT Center.


    Sallyann M. Bowman, MD, FACP
    Deputy Director/Staff Physician
    University of Pennsylvania Student Health Services
    Scott Campbell, MD
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Psychiatry
    Ronald Collman, MD
    Professor of Medicine
    Department of Medicine, Pulmonary Allergy and Critical Care Division
    C. Jessica Dine, MD
    Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program, Assistant Professor
    Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care
    Benoit Dubé, MD
    Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
    Department of Psychiatry
    Emma Elizabeth Furth, MD
    Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
    Department of Pathology
    Joseph M. Garland, MD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine; Co-Director Global Health Residency Track in Internal Medicine
    Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
    Bruce J. Giantonio, MD, FACP
    Associate Professor of Medicine
    The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
    Saar Gill, MD, PhD
    Instructor of Medicine
    Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology-Oncology
    Rebecca Hirsh, MD
    Director, Inpatient Oncology Services
    Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology-Oncology
    David J. Malebranche, MD, MPH
    Primary Care Physician
    University of Pennsylvania Student Health Services
    Maria Martinez-Lage, MD
    Assistant Professor of Neuropathology and Surgical Pathology
    Department of Pathology
    Giang T. Nguyen, MD, MPH, MSCE
    Medical Director, Penn Family Care
    Family Medicine and Community Health
    Noel B. Rosales, MD
    Attending Pediatrician
    CHOP Care Network, Karabots Primary Care Center
    Ignacio Tapia, MD
    Attending Pulmonologist, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
    Department of Pediatrics
    Peter Vasquez, MD
    Attending Physician
    Obstetrics & Gynecology
    Baligh Yehia, MD, MPP, MSHP
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases


    Anna Belc
    Registered Nurse
    Department of Medicine
    Stephen Crawford
    Interactive Designer
    Marketing and Public Relations, CHOP
    Anna Egoville
    Emergency Department, CHOP
    Christopher Garnett, MSS
    Social Worker
    Department of Special Immunology, CHOP
    Christine Hefner
    RN Case Manager
    Case Management
    TIffany Holder, RN
    Registered Nurse
    Hopsital of the University of Pennsylvania
    Karyn Kollonige
    Heart and Vascular Intensive Care Unit
    Maggie Krall
    Director of Administration
    Combined Degree and Physician Scholar Programs, Perelman School of Medicine
    Marion Leary, MSN, RN
    Assistant Director of Clinical Research
    Center for Resuscitation Science, Department of Emergency Medicine
    Sean Luis Luis
    Clinical Nurse II
    Nursing, Founders 12
    Jon McCabe
    Assistant Director, Curriculum
    Perelman School of Medicine
    Joy Payton
    Web Developer
    CHOP Research Institute Information Services
    Timothy M. Pian
    Senior Clinical Research Assistant
    Jason Saucier
    Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
    Daniel Stringer
    Emergency Department, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
    David Taylor, PhD
    Assistant Director
    CHOP Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
    Rachel Warner, LSW
    Social Worker
    Special Immunology Family Care Center, CHOP
    Karis Tanney Yusavitz
    Program Assistant, Research
    Department of Special Immunology, CHOP


    Brian J. Anderson, MD
    Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care
    Rebecca Batiste, MD
    Surgical Pathology Fellow
    Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
    Laura Bozzuto, MD
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Cait Clancy, MD
    Department of Internal Medicine
    Stephanie Cross, MD, PhD
    Department of Psychiatry
    Robert Dood, MD, MSCE
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Christyn Edmundson, MD
    Department of Neurology
    Judd Flesch, MD
    Director of Residency Education/Internal Medicine Residency Site Director, PPMC
    Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care
    Julia Glaser, MD
    Department of Vascular Surgery
    Boyu Hu, MD
    Department of Internal Medicine
    Bruce Kaczmarek, MD
    Department of Emergency Medicine
    Jane Keating, MD
    Department of General Surgery
    Barath Krishnan, MD
    Department of General Surgery
    Kathreen Lee, MD
    Department of General Surgery
    Daniel D. Lee, MD
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Marlise Luskin , MD
    Chief Fellow
    Hematology/Oncology, Abramson Cancer Center
    Andrew Migliaccio, MD
    Department of Psychiatry
    Jamin Morrison, MD
    Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology Oncology
    Allison Myers, MD, MPH
    Chief Resident
    Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
    Abby Olsen, MD
    Department of Internal Medicine
    John Reilly, MD, MSCE
    Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care
    Leslie Stewart, MD
    Department of Internal Medicine
    Tony Taglienti, MD
    Department of Plastic Surgery
    Reid Thompson, MD, PhD
    Department of Radiation Oncology


    Jordan Achtman
    Peter Chansky
    Jacob Charny
    Ayan Chatterjee, MSEd
    Ellen Fraint
    Alexander Gill
    MD/PhD 5th year
    Neurology / Neuroscience Graduate Group
    Rachel Graves
    Scott Grossman
    Emilia Hermann
    Kishore Jayakumar
    Tiffany Ko
    HHMI PhD Candidate
    Edward Kreider
    MD/PhD 4th year
    Jeff Kubiak
    MD/PhD 3rd year
    Cell and Molecular Biology
    Jake Lazarus
    MD/PhD 8th year
    Allyson Lieberman
    MD/PhD 3rd year
    Ethan Mack
    MD/PhD 3rd year
    Ryan Moy
    MD/PhD 6th year
    Kathleen M. O'Neill
    Eric Rosoff
    William Rothwell
    MD/PhD 3rd year
    Taylor Sewell
    Barthalomew (B.A.) Sillah
    Lauren Sinnenberg
    Cameron Stainken
    Cole Thompson
    Ashley Vance
    Cedric Xia


    Alexander Stone Macnow, MD
    Medical Education

    Join the Outlist

    If you're interested in participating, please fill out the submission form. We really appreciate your contribution and look forward to seeing you out at the next event. Thank you for supporting the Penn Med LGBTQ community!


    Congratulations to accepted and wait-listed applicants!

    Welcome! Penn is an incredibly LGBT-friendly campus. With over 20 different active LGBT student organizations, a dedicated LGBT Center, and a wealth of administrative and community resources, Penn is an ideal environment for any member of the LGBT community to thrive. Within the medical school, we have strong, receptive administrative support through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. There are many LGBT students who would be happy to give you their perspective, and answer any questions you may have. We invite you to make use of the contact info provided along with our current Leadership Bios.

    In addition to pinging Penn Med LGBT students as a resource, be sure to check out VisitPhilly!, Philadelphia Gay News, a widely disseminated print publication, and Philly Gay Calendar to get a taste of the vibrant LGBT presence within Philly.

    We look forward to meeting you at Penn Preview and showing you around the Philly Gayborhood!

    LGBT Health

    An essential part of increasing awareness of both the LGBT community and its unique social and health concerns is education. LGBTPM PLUS strives to educate the medical community, particularly our medical student peers about the health issues unique to LGBT patients so that they can be sensitive to the needs of this 10% of their future patients.

    • Understanding the Health Needs of LGBT People: An Introduction GLMA Webinar Part 1 of the series, Quality Healthcare for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender People, explores the unique health needs of LGBT people. During this introduction to LGBT health, speakers provide an overview of associated terminology and concepts, describe social issues that impact the health and well-being of LGBT people and discuss specific clinical considerations for LGBT people.
    • Creating a Welcoming and Safe Environment for LGBT People and Families GLMA Webinar Part 2 will focus on creating a welcoming and safe healthcare environment. LGBT people face many barriers in accessing healthcare including discrimination, lack of access, misunderstanding and fear. As a consequence, many LGBT people do not regularly access appropriate and timely care. The more informed healthcare professionals are, the more comfortable LGBT patients and clients will feel in an environment that is often alienating, disrespectful and traumatic. In order to create a more welcoming environment, it is essential to look at each aspect from the front desk to the clinical level.
    • Clinical Skills for the Care of Transgender Individuals GLAM Webinar Part 3 will focus on clinical skills for the care of transgender individuals, including behavioral health. The webinar will be framed using GLMA’s Top Ten Things Transgender Persons Should Discuss with their Health Providers, an evidence-based patient education resource. During this 90 minute webinar, the presenters will provide clinical best practices on salient health issues for the transgender population.
    • Healthy People 2020
    • Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care from The Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, April 2011.



    • The Mazzoni Center is Philadelphia's LGBT health care & wellness center. Offering a full continuum of services staffed by dedicated, compassionate professionals.
    • William Way LGBT Community Center seeks to encourage, support, and advocate for the well-being and acceptance of sexual and gender minorities through service, recreational, educational, and cultural programming.
    • The Attic Youth Center creates opportunities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community, and promotes the acceptance of LGBTQ youth in society.

    Nationwide Organizations

    • The Fenway Institute works to make life healthier for those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT), people living with HIV/AIDS, and the larger community. We do this through research and evaluation, education and training, and public health advocacy.
    • American Medical Students Association (AMSA) official website of the national AMSA Gender and Sexuality interest group, with resources for LGBT medical students and queer community leaders.
    • National Gay and Lesbian Medical Association(GLMA) association of over 2,000 medical profesionals representing the interests of the LGBT community
    • GayHealth.Comgay health news, std/drug warnings, sex advice, and more all at one website!
    • Mautner Project of Whitman-Walker Health is committed to improving the health of women who partner with women including lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals, through primary medical care, support services, education and advocacy.
    • National Coalition for LGBT Health is committed to improving the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals through federal advocacy that is focused on research, policy, education, and training.
    • Center of Excellence for Transgender Health goal is to improve the overall health and well-being of transgender individuals by developing and implementing programs in response to community-identified needs.