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Research Projects

  1. PKC and the regulation of apoptotic responses in prostate carcinogenesis
    1. PKC isozymes as mediators of apoptotic responses in prostate cancer cells.
    2. Regulation of MAPK and Akt signaling by PKC isozymes.
    3. Regulation of PKC-mediated apoptosis by androgens.
    4. Development of animal models for the study of PKC function in prostate.
  2. Chimaerins: DAG/phorbol esters with Rac-GAP activity
    1. Chimaerins as regulators of Rac signaling
    2. Control of cell cycle by chimaerins.
    3. Control of the metastatic cascade by beta2-chimaerin.
    4. Isolation of chimaerin-interacting proteins.
    5. Knock-down models for chimaerin in zebrafish and mammalian.
  3. Regulation of PKC activity by carcinogens
    1. Effect of PAH o-quinones on PKC activity and signaling.