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Parking and Transit

Metered Parking

  • Metered parking is available on the street for up to 3 hours at a time.
  • The kiosks accept credit cards.


Parking Garages & Lots

There are several lots and garages are available in the nearby area, including:

  • Lot #34, 34th and Chestnut (3335 Chestnut St.)
    • The entrance is on 34th street between Chestnut & Ludlow St.
    • Daily rates: $19 6am-10am, $14 10am-4pm, $11 4pm-11pm
  • Lot #30, 38th and Walnut (119 S. 38th St.)
    • The entrance is on Walnut St. between 37th & 38th
    • Hourly rates: $11 for the first hour, $2 for each additional hour, $30 max.
  • Lot #40, 40th and Walnut (4009 Walnut St.)
    • The entrance is on Walnut between 40th & 41st
    • Hourly rates: $11 for the first hour, $2 for the each additional hour, $30 max.


Subway & Trolley

Please Note: SEPTA Trolley Services will be interrupted from July 13 to July 23 due to scheduled maintenance, which may affect your commute to the clinic. More information available from SEPTA

  • Take the Market-Frankford subway line to 34th Street Station. Exit the tunnel and walk two blocks west to 36th Street. The Cohen Clinic is on the right side of Market Street at the corner of 36th Street.
  • Take Market-Frankford subway line to 30th Street station. Change for the westbound Route 10 trolley. Get off at the first stop after the trolley surfaces onto the street, 36th at Market. The Cohen Clinic is located on the right side of 36th Street on the far side of Market. (You can also take the 11, 13, 34, or 36 trolley to 36th and Sansom Street. Walk north on 36th Street to the northeast corner of 36th and Market Streets.)



Bus Routes

This area is served by the following bus routes:

  • Route 21 at 36th Street and Walnut Street (westbound) or Chestnut Street (eastbound)
  • Routes 30 and 31 at 34th Street and Market Street
  • Route 40 at 36th Street and Spruce Street


Do you need assistance paying for parking or transportation? 
Contact us or speak with a clinician. 


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