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GeneSpring™ is an analytical workbench enabling scientists to visualize, organize and manipulate gene expression data. Experimental data from microarrays, Affymetrix chips, SAGE, or any technique that associates numbers with genes can easily be imported for rigorous analysis.

  • Review the feature summary
  • View the online demo
  • Download the trial version of GeneSpring. The trial version is pre-loaded with rat, human, and Ron Davis' yeast data. It's fully functional yet with the time limitation of one month.


Using GeneSpring:

Downloading the GeneSpring Genomes:

  • Affymetrix GeneChip
    You may request an Affymetrix Genome from SiliconGenetics Technical Support by submitting the first 100 probe set names from your Affymetrix metrics report. Once you receive the compressed genome file, make sure to extract it in the folder of ..\SiliconGenetics\GeneSpring\data.
  • Penn Microarray facility Array files are available from the Bioinfomatics Core.

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