Project Forms and Submission Guidelines

To begin a transcript profiling project in the Penn Microarray Facility:

  1. Schedule a consultation with Don Baldwin,dbaldwin {at}
  2. Complete the Client Account Form and submit it online. If you are not affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, substitute Penn-specific items with sufficient information for billing from the Penn Cancer Center. You will receive a confirmation email containing your Facility Project ID. Use this on all correspondence and sample description forms.
  3. Complete the appropriate Sample Submission Form and submit it online, entering the assigned Project ID. Forms and submission procedures can be found at these links:

>> Register a client account to receive Project ID.

>> Submit tissue or cells.

>> Submit total or polyA RNA, or cRNA if you have already completed the Affymetrix target preparation protocol.

Our overnight shipping address is:

Don Baldwin
Penn Microarray Facility
68 John Morgan Bldg.
3620 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6082
telephone 215-898-3675


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