Department of Microbiology

Administrative Staff

Microbiology Business Office Hours: 2-4 pm or by appointment

Staff, postdocs and students are encouraged to utilize the above-listed office hours for questions, forms and miscellaneous matters to be discussed with the business office.


tbd Chief Administrative Officer 215-573-6261 tbd
Derrick Bowman Pre-Award Grants Manager 215-898-1021
Margaret Kimble Faculty Coordinator 215-898-8012
  Post-Award Grants Coordinator 215-898-9978  
  Financial Admin. Coordinator 215-573-3694  
Michael Ma IT Specialist 215-573-5462
Laurie Zimmerman Executive Assistant to Chair,


  • Management of financial, administrative and personnel activities for the department
  • Micro business office staff management and training
  • HR:  job postings, salary increases and job re-class
  • T32 post award
  • Payroll

Derrick Bowman
Pre-Award Grants Manager

  • All pre-award - New proposals and Non-competing continuations
  • AIS processing
  • Advance accounts
  • Just-in-time submissions
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Initiating subcontract awards to UPenn
  • All forms requiring institutional signature
  • Other support pages

Margaret Kimble
Faculty Coordinator

  • Appointments, reappointments, promotions and terminations for faculty, academic staff, visiting faculty and associated faculty
  • Graduate student & postdoctoral trainee administration and appointment
  • Visa applications
  • Time sheet processing
  • Black key access
  • Seminars
  • Notary Public

Financial Coordinator

  • Approve purchase orders from requisitioners
  • Prepare Bookstore requisition forms
  • Prepare Computer Connection requisition forms
  • Pro-card
  • Approve Concur transactions
  • Invoice questions/problems
  • UPS questions/issues

Post-Award Grants Coordinator

  • All post-award account management (except T32)
  • Initiating subcontract awards to outside institutions
  • Monthly reports
  • ADF accounts
  • Royalty accounts
  • Core facility accounts
  • Polaris
  • Concur
  • Effort Reports

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