Department of Microbiology

Electronic Proposal Submission

Obtaining the package

  1. Contact Michael Ma to have Pure Edge proposal software downloaded to your computer. Pure Edge is required to open and complete the electronic application.
  2. For General R01 Proposal submission, contact Lourdes and we will download the application package for you.
  3. All other types of proposal submission are program specific and prior to downloading the SF424 (electronic application package) and the associated instructions we must have a program announcement number. This can be found at:
    You can do a key word search to find the Grant Opportunity that you are interested in. Once you have the PA number (program announcement number) contact Lourdes or Lloyd and we will download the appropriate SF 424 application package and instructions.
  4. Once Lourdes has downloaded the application package we will complete the administrative sections and forward the SF 424 application package and instructions to you via email.

Completeing the Package

  1. When you open the SF424 application package, please note that the incomplete sections will be in the left hand side of the form and completed sections will be in the right hand side. The primary part of the application that you will be working on will be the PHS 398 Research Plan and Research Related and Other Project Information. Please refer to the instructions for page limitations and formatting.
  2. The following items need to be completed 10 business days prior to submitting to the ORSS (Office of Research Support Services):

    The sections that Lourdes will be completing are bolded.

    SF-424 R&R Pages 1 and 2
    PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement
    PHS 398 Check list
    R&R Other Project Information (Sections 1 through 7, 9 and 10)
    R&R Senior/Key Person Profile (BioSketch to be attached)
    R&R Performance Site Location(s)
    PHS 398 Cover Letter, please see attached sample
    R&R Budget, Detailed or Modular
  3. The completed application is required to be in ORS (The Office of Research Services) no later than 3 business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline. his includes all of the items submitted to ORSS previously plus:

    Section 8 of R&R Other Project Information and the PHS 398 Research Plan.

As new information becomes available on this new procedure this web page will be updated accordingly. If you have any questions or require assistance please contact Lourdes.

Proposal Cover Letter
for Revised Application X R21 XXXXXXX-XX


To whom it may concern:

This revised application, entitled "Title", is a response to RFA/PA PA06-181, and is being resubmitted to address the comments and suggestions of the Study Section reviewers who read the first revision of this application. We do not wish to request assignment to a different or particular SRG nor do we wish to exclude anyone from reviewing this current version.

John Doe

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