Department of Microbiology

Tumor Virology Research

The Tumor Virology Program of the Cancer Center was initiated by James Alwine in 1993 to bring together virologists from different programs and departments within the University of Pennsylvania.  Research on tumor viruses is linked by studies elucidating the role of specific viruses as an essential requirement or as a critical cofactor in the development of human cancers. Recently it was discovered that Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus (KSHV/HHV-8) was strongly associated with greater than 50% of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas, adding importance to this effort. Research on tumor viruses at Penn includes investigators from the Medical School, Dental School and the Wistar Institute studying the basic mechanisms of tumorigenesis, clinical implications of tumor viruses and translational approaches to the development of therapies for the treatment of virus associated human cancers.

Tumor Virology Researchers include:
Professor of Cancer Biology
Associate Professor of Medicine
Wistar Institute Professor of Microbiology
Professor of Microbiology
Professor of Microbiology
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Professor of Microbiology

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