Laboratory Address

TRL Building, Suite 1200
125 S. 31st Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3403

Mailing Address

Hosp. of the Univ. of Pennsylvania
Dept. of Emergency Medicine
Ground Floor, Ravdin Building
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283

Phone Numbers

Office: (215) 898-4960
Lab: (215) 573-8143
Fax: (215) 746-1224



Dr. Robert Neumar, MD PhD - Director

Bob Neumar

Dr. Neumar is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where he is also a faculty member of the Mahoney Institute of Neuroscience and the Neuroscience Graduate Group. In addition, Dr. Neumar serves on the steering committee of the Penn Center for Brain Injury and Repair.

Dr. Neumar obtained his MD in 1990 from the University of Pittsburgh, where he also completed residency training in Emergency Medicine. His formal research training includes a Sarnoff Fellowship with Charles G. Brown at Ohio State University, a Critical Care Research Fellowship under the direction of Peter Safar at the University of Pittsburgh Resuscitation Research Center, and an Emergency Medicine Research Fellowship under the direction of Blaine White at Wayne State University where he obtained his Ph.D. in Physiology.

Joining the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania the in 1997, Dr. Neumar began building a laboratory focused on elucidating the molecular mechanisms of acute brain injury with the ultimate goal of reducing brain damage after stroke, cardiac arrest and head trauma. Dr. Neumar's research has been funded through the NIH, American Heart Association, and private foundations. Consistent with the multidisciplinary nature of this line of investigation, Dr. Neumar has developed extensive collaborative relationships with investigators both within and outside the institution. Trainees working in the laboratory have included undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, emergency medicine residents and research fellows, and post-doctoral researchers.

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Research Specialists

Luchuan Li - Research Specialist 

People Marek


Marek Ma, MD - Instructor

Dr. Ma is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and completed residency training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. In 2006, Dr. Ma completed the Molecular Brain Resuscitation Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, which was funded by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. Dr. Ma's studies focusing on traumatic axonal injury are currently supported by an NINDS K08 Career Development Award.



Katie Kopil - Graduate Student

Michael Paine - Graduate Student


Former Lab Members


Che Dong Fang
Xiaoming Chen, PhD
Jim Martin, MD PhD
Chen Zhang, MD PhD
Frank Meng, PhD
Angela Mills, MD

Research Specialists/Technicians

Lori Ingleton, BS
Brian Matthews
Eric Lawrence
Alex Pitts-Keifer
Jim Frederick
Anne Xu


Matt Bevers, BA
Elizabeth Dalton
Nikita Deshpande
Mehul Bhatt
Neil Masansky
Mike Amesquita
Ali Harrist
Rex Parker
Dan Fiedman
Diana Kontonotas
Michelle Williams
Hemal Gada
Charles Gillman
Mike Zhang
Olueke Zaccheu