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The University Of Pennsylvania Center of Excellence for Diversity in Health Education and Research, under the direction of Jerry C. Johnson M.D., Professor of Medicine, is a resource for under-represented medical students and faculty who aspire to leadership positions in academic in health care policy/management. Initiated in September 1993, under a grant from the Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources and Service Administration, Public Health Services, the overall goals of the Center of Excellence are to:

  • Prepare undergraduate students for future leadership positions as physicians
  • Train under-represented medical students and physicians for positions of leadership
  • Recruit, train, and maintain under-represented physicians for faculty positions
  • Develop and evaluate curricula components and materials on minority health
  • Enhance the quantity and quality of research focusing on the health of minorities
  • Improve the science and math skills of under-represented high school students

How Can the Center Assist Under-Represented Medical Students?

  • Networking: Informal meetings will be held to facilitate camaraderie among under-represented students, faculty, residents, and fellows to discuss topics of interest among the group. You are encouraged to participate in these meetings.
  • Workshops/Seminars: The Center has annual workshops and seminars to help and assist with grant writing, professional presentations, and scientific writing. These workshops and seminars are held throughout the year and are free to attend.
  • Mentoring Opportunities: Throughout the months of May-July, the Center conducts an intensive 10 week Summer Pre-Med Program for under-represented undergraduates. This program consist of several components including research, lectures, clinical observation, and MCAT preparation. You can be a mentor by allowing a student to shadow you.
  • Research Service: The Center provides core research staff in epidemiology and statistics to facilitate research projects dealing with minority health issues, provides funding to support ongoing research on minority health issues. The minority health research activities are designed to enhance the quality and quantity of research focusing on the health of minorities and encourage participation of minorities in planning and conducting minority health research. Under-represented minority supplemenls are available.h
  • Medical Student Research Compendium TBA: Under-Represented Minority students will be invited to the faculty scientific writing workshop and given materials on medical presentations, writing, and publishing abstracts and papers. Center staff will assist students prepare abstracts of projects. The research materials and abstracts will be combined in a medical student research compendium to be distributed to each class of under-represented minority students.

Medical Student Research Preceptorship Funding Opportunity- November 21, 2014

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