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Marianas Widefield Deconvolution

Marianas Widefield Deconvolution (Burkhardt)  - used primarily for “bread and butter” analysis of fixed cells using immunofluorescence microscopy and deconvolution.  Also equipped with excellent DIC optics and an environmental chamber for analysis of cell movement and migration.

Scope location: ARC 815. 
Marianas Widefield DeconvolutionContact: Fiona Clarke, 267-426-5523,

  • Zeiss Axiovert 200M stand
  • Wide field fluorescence, DIC and Phase capable
  • White light source: Halogen Lamp
  • Fluorescence light source:  Xenon Lamp
  • Objectives: 10X air, 20X LD air, 40X air, 40X oil, 63X oil, 100X oil
  • Filter sets:  FITC (sees AF488), GFP, Cy3, Cy5 (sees AF647), Texas Red (sees AF594), Dapi, YFP
  • Ratiometric imaging using DG4 for fast switching of YFP/CFP FRET and Fura 2 pairs (not currently active)
  • Acquisition Software: 3I Slidebook version (PC based)
  • Surrounded by OKOlab environmental chamber with heating and CO2 capabilities for use in live-cell imaging
  • Bioptechs Delta T dish stage warmer and objective warmer available
  • Photometrics CoolSNAP fx-HQ camera