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Olympus FV1000-ASW

Olympus FV1000-ASW (Baumgart) - used primarily for multiple-color visualization on a variety of biomaterials and cell samples.  With Fluoview 5.0 software, fundamental fluorescence quantification, FRET and FRAP measurements can be performed.

Scope location: Chemistry building R234
Contact: Katie Liao,

  • Olympus IX81 inverted microscope stand
  • Wide field fluorescence, DIC and phase contrast
  • White light source: halogen lamp
  • Fluorescence light source: xenon lamp
  • Objectives: 4X air, 10X air, 20X air, 40X water, 40X oil, and 60X oil
  • Laser lines: 488, 543, 633, and 748nm
  • Filter sets: Cy3, FITC, and Texas Red
  • Acquisition software: Fluoview 5.0
  • Additional emission detector: Nuance Cri multispectral imaging system