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Olympus IX-81

Olympus IX 81

Olympus IX-81 (Orange) – best suited for routine 4D live cell imaging and uniquely for high-speed transitioning between TIRF and confocal imaging.

Scope location: ARC 1014E

  • Olympus IX-81 stand
  • Olympus DSU spinning disc – can be removed from light path
  • LMM5 laser merge  - allows for near continuous switching between confocal imaging and TIRF
  • TIRF illuminator and DIC prism
  • Olympus full spectrum light source
  • Objectives - Olympus 60x 1.49NA, 60x 1.45NA and 100x 1.45NA
  • Filter sets: DAPI, GFP, CY3, CY5
  • Laser lines: 488 and 561nm
  • TMC gas-charged table
  • Dedicated Bioptechs Delta-T and Microflow systems
  • 1K x 1K Hamamatsu EM CCD camera
  • Software: Improvision Volocity