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Related Equipment

  • Bioptechs Delta T open chamber system (Baumgart, Burkhardt, Orange)
    Useful for visualizing living cells under culture-like conditions while allowing full access to the cells and to microscope controls.
  • Bioptechs FCS2 closed chamber microflow system (Baumgart, Burkhardt, Orange)
    Used for establishing microflow conditions under constant environmental regulation.  Useful in flow stress experiments when paired with regulated peristaltic pumps
  • Bioptechs environmental control units (Orange, Burkhardt, Baumgart)
    Used for optimal thermal control of environmental chambers.
  • Photometrics Dual View DV2 device (Baumgart)
    Allows true simultaneous imaging of multiple fluorophores. Well suited to imaging applications where cell motion or rapid photo bleaching is problematic.
  • Home-built glass slide temperature controller (Baumgart)