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Training Program

PPPM’s Training Program employs a conference format to present coping skills that disruptive physicians may use to modify their behavior and achieve and maintain improved future performance. Participation in these conferences fulfills the Joint Commission requirement that health care organizations take concrete steps to address disruptive behavior in the workplace. Oftentimes, after the initial assessment, a recommendation and/or mandate is made requesting that the disruptive physician seek additional training for improved performance. The conferences have several important features:



Management Consultation

PPPM’s Management Consultation service assists health care organizations in managing disruptive individuals in the workplace, including physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. Executives and physician leaders of health care organizations must be committed to  addressing disruptive behaviors in a consistent manner. PPPM helps organizations meet this commitment by educating health care executives, managers, and/or supervisors about the costs of disruptive behaviors and equipping them to address these behaviors effectively and efficiently, in effect “training the trainer.”   PPPM experts provide guidance on:



Policy Implementation

PPPM’s Policy Implementation service helps health care organizations structure their polices and procedures to incorporate guidelines for dealing with disruptive parties. The Joint Commission requires that all organizations seeking accreditation “must adopt a code of conduct defining unacceptable, inappropriate, and disruptive behaviors and must implement a formal process to address them.” As health care organizations strive to meet this mandate, PPPM can help an organization develop and implement an effective professionalism strategy. PPPM can aid in the development and implementation of:



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