Proteomics Core Services/ Guidelines

Services provided by the Proteomics Core Facility include:

  1. Protein and peptide mass measurement
  2. Protein identification
  3. Protein quantitation: proteome-wide (SILAC or label-free) and targeted analysis (MRM)
  4. Posttranslational modification analysis: phosphorylation, acetylation, etc.
  5. Phosphopeptide affinity purification
  6. De novo peptide sequencing

Proteomics Core Guidelines

Sample preparation for protein identification

1. Commercial mini-gel is good for protein separation with less chance of getting keratin contamination.

2. Stain the gel with Coomassie based staining. You can use a commercial kit or the following recipe.

Recipe for Coomassie Brilliant Blue Staining (for mini-gels):

Sample preparation for protein quantitation

Please consult us first before starting protein quantitation project since each project can be quite different. Consultation ensures an appropriate workflow to be used.

To request Proteomics Services

1. Download the Excel sample form. Fill in a few things. Save it for future use.

2. Go to this link:

3. Type your PennKey and password. If you have an account to use, it will allow you to go further.

4. Select your account, add your e-mail address, confirm the e-mail and click Browse to upload the Mass Spectrometry form you just saved.

5. Click the Submit. Bring the samples to Room 852, BRB and follow the instruction on the desk next to the window.

If you have no account to choose, please download the instruction of SAM in the blue link under Place an Order, and forward the instruction to your BA who should be able to set up an account for you.

If there is any difficulty to set up an account, please call Jason Molli at 898-8264 or e-mail Jason:

Contact Information

Chao-Xing Yuan, Ph.D.

The Proteomics Facility Office
852 Biomedical Research Building II/III
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6160

(215) 573-9883 Ph.
(215) 573-9889 Fax