Grant Writing Services

The Office of Research Program Development has a dedicated grant writer and scientific editor who can provide assistance with writing and editing large, multidisciplinary proposals , such as program project (P01), center (P30) and specialized center (P50) grants . The RPD scientific writer/editor will:

  • Edit grant proposals and manuscripts to improve clarity, readability and consistency and to ensure that all funding agency requirements have been met
  • Read copy to detect errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax. Verify facts, dates and statistics
  • Review critiques from previous submissions and work with investigator to ensure all criticisms have been addressed
  • Draft letters of intent, letters of support and documentation needed for grant submissions
  • Provide integration of distinct projects to create a cohesive proposal

Assistance is also available for R01 submissions. RPD is a limited resource and requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis. Large multidisciplinary proposals may take priority over R01 proposals.

Please contact RPD at: to learn more about these services.

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