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Penn AMSA - Committee for Smoking Legislation Reform


Smoke Free Philly Petition


What: Sign the petition to let Mayor Street and the City Councilpeople know how you feel about this issue!

When: Thursday, October 28 from 12pm-4pm

Just look for the AMSA/DART table!

You can also download one of several versions of the Smoke Free Philly petition. This petition will let Mayor Street and the City Council Representatives know how strongly many people feel about this issue. You can download the petition, print it, and collect signatures and contact information from friends, colleagues, and others. Then send in the forms to us at the AMSA Committee and we will forward them along to the Mayor and the City Council Representatives.

It is important to contact your local city council representative and let him or her know how you feel about this issue.

You can download a pre-formatted letter (in Microsoft Word format) which urges either the Mayor or a City Councilperson (your choice) to enact smoking reform legislation. To download, click HERE-Preformatted Letter.

When opened, you can personalize the letter with your name and address. Also, after selecting the proper recipient, find the councilperson's contact information HERE-Councilperson Information and enter that in as well. Then print it and send it!

If you would like to edit the letter, select VIEW-->TOOLBARS-->FORM. From this toolbar, un-select the button that looks like a lock.

You can also find the information for the councilpersons at City of Philadelphia City Council.

Another good site for keeping abreast of Philadelphia city politics is

Last updated: 07/25/2011